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Created Jun 9, 2018

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Crazy good spam

From: 7N5C

Subject: Converstion with you


My name is Stella Hughes and I would like to have a conversation with you about a project I have been trying to develop for the past several years.

In 2015/2016 I began having someone with your moniker access my laptop through Microsoft remote (allthough I don't think I had asked for assistance nor had we met personally). I do believe we have some commonalities, such as when you were employed at [place I used to work] my office was located a very short distance from your office; we may have even frequented the same Vietnamese restaurant across from our workplaces. Quite frankly, when I found your information in my laptop I traced your IP address [my website] to uber1.dallas to somewhere in the mid west if I remember correctly. I then researched your profile, your qualifications, your location and physically went to your old apartment on [street I used to live on] to speak with you directly about your connection into my drive. Unfortuntely you had moved to [town I currently live in] and I was not in the mood to look for you.

Regardless, I have been struggling to get assistance and funding to develop a modulized AI platform currently targeted for neurotherapy delivery as well as an authority focused monitoring piece to manage and control the use of firearms.

Based on my research you have experience not only in the gaming side but on the backend and I need a technical component to handle that side of the company. Perhaps you would be interested in assisting me with the project? There is currently no funding available but I would be willing to discuss a founding partner situation with large amounts of shares involved. The long-term valuation of the projects are significant and, upon the completion of a POC, either VC or government grants.

Let me know if you are interested. 317-548-9436.

Have a great day!


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