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ssd's config example for Chef Server external stuffs
fqdn "FQDN"
postgresql['external'] = true
postgresql['vip'] = 'EXTERNAL_PG_IP'
postgresql['db_superuser'] = 'DB_SUPERUSER'
postgresql['db_superuser_password'] = 'DB_SUPERUSER_PASSWORD'
opscode_solr4['external'] = true
opscode_solr4['external_url'] = 'http://EXTERNAL_ES_IP:9200'
opscode_erchef['search_provider'] = 'elasticsearch'
opscode_erchef['search_queue_mode'] = 'batch'
bookshelf['storage_type'] = :sql
rabbitmq['enable'] = false
rabbitmq['management_enabled'] = false
rabbitmq['queue_length_monitor_enabled'] = false
opscode_expander['enable'] = false
dark_launch['actions'] = false
opscode_erchef['nginx_bookshelf_caching'] = :on
opscode_erchef['s3_url_expiry_window_size'] = '50%'
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