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Colin Gourlay colingourlay

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colingourlay /
Created Feb 28, 2019 — forked from shobotch/
Twitter (un)official Consumer Key

Twitter Official Consumer Key

Twitter for Android

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    3nVuSoBZnx6U4vzUxf5w
Consumer secret: Bcs59EFbbsdF6Sl9Ng71smgStWEGwXXKSjYvPVt7qys

Twitter for iPhone

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    IQKbtAYlXLripLGPWd0HUA
sudo /usr/local/McAfee/AntiMalware/VSControl stopoas
sudo killall VShieldService
sudo killall VShieldScanner
colingourlay / index.js
Created Oct 7, 2016 — forked from yoshuawuyts/index.js
requirebin sketch
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const chooet = require('chooet');
const html = require('chooet/html');
chooet(choo => {
app = choo();
state: { title: 'Not quite set yet' },
reducers: {
update: (data, state) => ({ title: data })
colingourlay / .block
Last active Sep 18, 2016 — forked from mbostock/.block
World Map
We couldn’t find that file to show.
colingourlay /
Created Jan 23, 2016 — forked from lawnsea/
A discussion of the challenges I anticipate we will face creating a widely useful system based on a virtual DOM running in a web worker

I have been watching the current discussions about running a virtual DOM in a web worker with a great deal of interest. In 2011, I built a research project, [Treehouse][] ([USENIX Talk][] ([DOMTRIS][] demo at 20:25), [paper][]), which ran a hacked-up version of jsdom in a worker. My goal was fine-grained containment of untrusted scripts, while still providing access to browser APIs that existing code expected.

Treehouse achieved a small amount of influence in academic circles, but it had problems and was ultimately unsuccessful. Virtual DOMs were not a widespread or well-understood idea at the time, so the advantages of running one in a worker

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* {
font-size: 12pt;
font-family: monospace;
font-weight: normal;
font-style: normal;
text-decoration: none;
color: black;
cursor: default;
colingourlay / 0_reuse_code.js
Created Nov 6, 2013
Here are some things you can do with Gists in GistBox.
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// Use Gists to store code you would like to remember later on
console.log(window); // log the "window" object to the console
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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Single-Column Responsive Email Template</title>
@media only screen and (min-device-width: 541px) {
.content {
colingourlay /
Created Mar 5, 2012 — forked from isaacs/
Use one of these techniques to install node and npm without having to sudo. Discussed in more detail at Note: npm >=0.3 is *safer* when using sudo.
echo 'export PATH=$HOME/local/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc
. ~/.bashrc
mkdir ~/local
mkdir ~/node-latest-install
cd ~/node-latest-install
curl | tar xz --strip-components=1
./configure --prefix=~/local
make install # ok, fine, this step probably takes more than 30 seconds...
curl | sh