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Disable McAffee Endpoint Protection OSX

method 1

sudo /usr/local/McAfee/AntiMalware/VSControl stopoas


sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.mcafee.ssm.antimalware.plist OAS_Enable -bool False
sudo /usr/local/McAfee/AntiMalware/VSControl stop
sudo /usr/local/McAfee/AntiMalware/VSControl reload

Or completely uninstall:

sudo -s
cd /usr/local/McAfee/
./uninstall EPM
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mathiasrw commented Aug 4, 2016


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nowells commented Dec 15, 2016

This is fantastic. Really helps to run this before I run benchmarks.

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clattems commented Jan 26, 2017

Thank you so much for this! :) You're my hero lol

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Tv8 commented Mar 3, 2017

That was a great help. Thank you 👍

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Murali54 commented Jun 7, 2017

Thank you!

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at88mph commented Jul 14, 2017

This is great, thanks. The stop works, but can you think of a reason the ./uninstall EPM script would hang? This is McAfee 2.2.

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NickWarrior commented Jul 28, 2017

Good Job!

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5ay3h commented Jul 30, 2017

@tegansnyder, fix for "completely uninstall": sudo /Library/McAfee/cma/scripts/ (source)

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joshoohaah commented Jan 18, 2018

This came up again in my google search..and it indeed worked on macOS 10.12.16. Many thanks

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simplymarcello commented Feb 17, 2018

Just what I needed! Thanks

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hari-haran commented Mar 14, 2018

Thank you!

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smarkars commented Aug 23, 2018

Perfect! Thanks!


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mrvincenzo commented Dec 23, 2018

Few more tricks. I had to run each of them twice.

To disable Firewall

sudo /usr/local/McAfee/StatefulFirewall/bin/StatefullFirewallControl stop

To disable WebProtection

sudo /usr/local/McAfee/WebProtection/bin/WPControl stop

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devofer commented Dec 27, 2018

Thank you!!

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benmingli commented Jan 7, 2019

Love it... although

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miguel-orange commented Feb 8, 2019

Thank you so much!

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Yorkshireman commented May 3, 2019

Thank the lord - this was driving me insane. My system is Sierra 10.12.6

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ghost commented May 14, 2019

Thank you all!

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trinitronx commented Jun 27, 2019

McAfee on our team's company managed Macbook laptops suddenly start using > 100% RAM on our machines, causing swapping, applications to freeze and eventually complete machine lockup. It's been a huge productivity killer.

Ran everything except the last uninstall command, lest this is not allowed, but the McAfee processes keep respawning! It's like the anti-virus software is acting like a virus in and of itself?! Then it's only a matter of time until they eat up all the machine's resources again.

It appears that there are also:

  • LaunchDaemons
  • LaunchAgents
  • Kernel extensions (Mac's version of kernel modules)

The first thing restarted seems to be a kernel module called com.McAfee.FMPSysCore.

Running these commands frequently in a loop shows that it's the first thing that comes back:

sudo ps auxww | grep -i 'VShieldScanner\|VShieldScanManager\|masvc\|McAfee' | grep -v grep   | awk '{ print $2 }'  | sudo xargs kill -9     ;   kextstat  | grep -i mcafee | awk '{ print $6 }'  | sudo xargs -n1 -I{} kextunload -verbose 2 -bundle-id '{}'

I still haven't found a way to 100% disable them, and don't want to resort to full uninstall yet... still waiting on helpdesk ticket to see what they say.

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strugs commented Oct 25, 2019

Thank you very much!
McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac Threat Protection v10.2.3 on macOS 10.14.6 drove my startup time to a near standstill. Disabling Threat Protection has made startup snappy once again.

The 'alternatively' commands above did the trick.

Thank you again!

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linuxtechie commented Apr 30, 2020

Thank U
Thank U
Thank U!

My insanity has been restored!


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jeanraymonddaher commented Jul 27, 2020

thank you very useful

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montaro commented Nov 3, 2020


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cchwala commented Aug 17, 2021


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arc41t3ct commented Nov 20, 2021

One more thing that can be done is to turn off the KeepAlive in the plist of all mcafee files in /Library/LaunchDaemons. Once you restart you machine then you can just kill all the processes. This is useful because you can use a script on startup to disable them and if you Corporate IT notices you just restart without running the script and the system is back to normal running this piece of 5!-!!t software.

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