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View radio init-box.sqf
0 = this call {
params ["_radio"];
if (isServer) then {
_radio setVariable ["Mission_isRadioOn", false, true];
Mission_fnc_toggleRadio = {
params ["_radio"];
if (_radio getVariable "Mission_isRadioOn") then {
View weaponDirUp_debug.sqf
["cba_debug", "onEachFrame", {
params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_pos"];
private _aim = _unit modelToWorldVisualWorld (_unit selectionPosition "aimPoint");
private _cam = _unit modelToWorldVisualWorld (_unit selectionPosition "camera");
private _up = _aim vectorFromTo _cam;
private _wDir = _unit weaponDirection _weapon;
private _wLat = vectorNormalized (_wDir vectorCrossProduct _up);
private _wUp = _wLat vectorCrossProduct _wDir;
View \a3\functions_f_warlords\Warlords\fn_WLDefenceSetup.sqf
Author: Josef Zemánek
Description: Requested static weapon positionining routine.
_class = _this # 0;
_cost = _this # 1;
View fn_missileLaunchPositionFix.sqf
Author: Konrad Szumiec
Workaround fix for ATGM/SAM launch positions
0: OBJECT - vehicle
View fn_showRespawnMenuInventoryDetails.sqf
_mode = if ((count _this) == 0) then {"auto"} else {_this select 0};
with uiNamespace do {
_display = if (missionNamespace getVariable ["BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_shown", false]) then {BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_display} else {BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_display};
_ctrlGroup = if (missionNamespace getVariable ["BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_shown", false]) then {BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_ctrlDetailsControlsGroup} else {BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlDetailsControlsGroup};
_detailsList = if (missionNamespace getVariable ["BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_shown", false]) then {BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_ctrlDetailsList} else {BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlDetailsList};
_roleList = if (missionNamespace getVariable ["BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_shown", false]) then {BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_ctrlRoleList} else {BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlRoleList};
_combo = if (missionNamespace getVariable ["BIS_RscRespawnControlsSpectate_shown", false]) then {BIS_RscRespawnC
View fn_effectFiredFlares.sqf
/*ArmA 2 flares, by Maddmatt
private ["_v", "_vec","_flares","_emmiters","_launcherCount","_vel","_i","_relPos","_dirPos","_div","_flarelevel","_vvel","_muzzzLevel","_flare","_sm","_sp","_li"];
_v=_this select 0;
_vec = vectordir _v;
View fn_effectFiredSmokeLauncher.sqf
/*ArmA 2 smokscreen, by Maddmatt
Uses code from VBS2 Smoke launcher by Philipp Pilhofer (raedor) & Andrew Barron
private ["_v","_shells","_num","_vel","_useTDir","_angle","_dir","_deltaDir","_arc","_initDist","_posV","_Vdir","_vH","_vV","_smokeg"];
_v=_this select 0;
//Read values from config
View retexture config.cpp
class CfgVehicles {
class Truck_03_base_F;
class O_Truck_03_covered_F: Truck_03_base_F {
class TextureSources {
class Axni_Texture1 {
author = "Axni";
textures[] = {
View \a3\ui_f_curator\UI\RscCommon\RscAttributeInventory.sqf
#include "\A3\ui_f_curator\ui\"
#define VALUE_INFINITY "\a3\Ui_F_Curator\Data\RscCommon\RscAttributeInventory\infinity_ca.paa"
#define VALUE_NUMBER "#(argb,1,1,1)color(0,0,0,0)"
_filterIDCs = [
View \a3\3den\UI\Attributes\AmmoBox.sqf
#include "\a3\3DEN\UI\"
#define VALUE_NUMBER "#(argb,1,1,1)color(0,0,0,0)"
#define COLUMNS 3
#define SYMBOL_VIRTUAL_0 "-"
#define SYMBOL_VIRTUAL_1 ""
params ["_mode", "_params"];
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