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Created January 11, 2012 22:20
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jshintrc example
// NOTE: I added the .js extension to this gist so it would have syntax highlighting. This file should have NO file extension
// Settings
"passfail" : false, // Stop on first error.
"maxerr" : 100, // Maximum error before stopping.
// Predefined globals whom JSHint will ignore.
"browser" : true, // Standard browser globals e.g. `window`, `document`.
"node" : false,
"rhino" : false,
"couch" : false,
"wsh" : true, // Windows Scripting Host.
"jquery" : true,
"ender" : true,
"prototypejs" : false,
"mootools" : false,
"dojo" : false,
"predef" : [ // Custom globals.
// Development.
"debug" : false, // Allow debugger statements e.g. browser breakpoints.
"devel" : true, // Allow developments statements e.g. `console.log();`.
// ECMAScript 5.
"es5" : true, // Allow ECMAScript 5 syntax.
"strict" : false, // Require `use strict` pragma in every file.
"globalstrict" : false, // Allow global "use strict" (also enables 'strict').
// The Good Parts.
"asi" : true, // Tolerate Automatic Semicolon Insertion (no semicolons).
"laxbreak" : true, // Tolerate unsafe line breaks e.g. `return [\n] x` without semicolons.
"bitwise" : true, // Prohibit bitwise operators (&, |, ^, etc.).
"boss" : false, // Tolerate assignments inside if, for & while. Usually conditions & loops are for comparison, not assignments.
"curly" : true, // Require {} for every new block or scope.
"eqeqeq" : true, // Require triple equals i.e. `===`.
"eqnull" : false, // Tolerate use of `== null`.
"evil" : false, // Tolerate use of `eval`.
"expr" : false, // Tolerate `ExpressionStatement` as Programs.
"forin" : false, // Tolerate `for in` loops without `hasOwnPrototype`.
"immed" : true, // Require immediate invocations to be wrapped in parens e.g. `( function(){}() );`
"latedef" : true, // Prohipit variable use before definition.
"loopfunc" : false, // Allow functions to be defined within loops.
"noarg" : true, // Prohibit use of `arguments.caller` and `arguments.callee`.
"regexp" : true, // Prohibit `.` and `[^...]` in regular expressions.
"regexdash" : false, // Tolerate unescaped last dash i.e. `[-...]`.
"scripturl" : true, // Tolerate script-targeted URLs.
"shadow" : false, // Allows re-define variables later in code e.g. `var x=1; x=2;`.
"supernew" : false, // Tolerate `new function () { ... };` and `new Object;`.
"undef" : true, // Require all non-global variables be declared before they are used.
// Personal styling preferences.
"newcap" : true, // Require capitalization of all constructor functions e.g. `new F()`.
"noempty" : true, // Prohibit use of empty blocks.
"nonew" : true, // Prohibit use of constructors for side-effects.
"nomen" : true, // Prohibit use of initial or trailing underbars in names.
"onevar" : false, // Allow only one `var` statement per function.
"plusplus" : false, // Prohibit use of `++` & `--`.
"sub" : false, // Tolerate all forms of subscript notation besides dot notation e.g. `dict['key']` instead of `dict.key`.
"trailing" : true, // Prohibit trailing whitespaces.
"white" : false, // Check against strict whitespace and indentation rules.
"indent" : 2 // Specify indentation spacing
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ES5 option is now set per default

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kashjs commented Apr 16, 2014

indent rule is not giving any warnings for bad indentation.

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I couldn't find regexp option in JSHint docs...

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Nedudi commented Aug 21, 2014


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emj365 commented Jan 20, 2015

line 0   col 0   Bad option: 'ender'.

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Cool! Thank you~

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Is there a way to ignore folders like the node_modules folder?

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stephnr commented Jul 8, 2015

@ORESoftware, have you considered adding a .jshintignore file?

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dkebler commented Dec 17, 2015

Getting that same error as @emj365
line 0, col 0, Bad option: 'ender'
there is no option 'ender' in the documentation. So I am guess it has been deprecated/removed.
removing this line from file and all is well.

BTW Thx for this gist!

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Kishanvikani commented Nov 23, 2017

Getting the following warning

Expected and identifier instead saw 'import' in Visual Studio..what are the possible fixes for this ? (JS Lint)

I don't want to add /*jshint esnext: true */ in each file what should i do ?

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joniler commented Mar 8, 2018

Great dotfile! Changing a few tidbits, but using this as my global. I use ES6.

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