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using node's process to emit events to log stuff from anywhere
// use like this:
// process.emit( 'app:log', module, arg1, arg2, ..., argN );
var Module = require('module');
function logConsole(method, module) {
var args = [(new Date()).toJSON(), method];
var index = 1;
if (module instanceof Module) {
index = 2;
args.push.apply(args,, index));
console.log.apply(console, args);
['debug', 'error', 'info', 'log', 'warn'].forEach( function(consoleMethod) {
process.on('app:' + consoleMethod, logConsole.bind(null, consoleMethod.toUpperCase()));
} );

this was jeffwad's original idea




This should be on NPM.

mscdex commented Jul 24, 2014

FWIW you should avoid, index) style calls if you care about performance since that will make logConsole unoptimizable by v8. Creating a new array and appending to it in a for-loop will avoid this deoptimization.


The module depd will emit deprecation events on process if there is a listener, automatically suppressing output to STDERR for centralized logging in mind similar to this.

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