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Logitech G105 Keyboard - Ubuntu 18.04

Logitech G105 Keyboard - Ubuntu 18.04




sudo apt install libconfig++-dev libtinyxml2-dev libudev-dev
git clone


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Config /etc/sidewinderd.conf:

user = "cornernote";
capture_delays = false;


sudo systemctl enable sidewinderd.service
sudo systemctl start sidewinderd.service

Record macros

The macro keys are fully programmable, but there is no default event. You can add functions to them, by recording macros or key combinations:

  • Choose a profile. The profile LED on the device will show you, which profile is active.
  • Press record key. The record LED will light up.
  • Now, choose and press a macro key. On some devices, the record LED will begin to blink. You're now in macro mode. Please note, that existing macros may get overwritten.
  • Everything you type on the keyboard will get recorded. You can either record a single key combination or a long series of keypresses. Please note, that keypresses still send events to your operating system and your programs.
  • When done, press the record key again. This will stop recording and save the macro.
  • You've now created a macro. Use it by setting the chosen profile and pressing the chosen macro key.

Edit Macros

The XML files can be edited by hand, for example if you wish to change or remove the recorded delays.

sudo nano /root/.local/share/sidewinderd/profile_1/s1.xml (button M1/G1)
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You are a hero!

I successfully made my first macro with my G105 on Ubuntu 20.04.
Another approach to explain the functionality with keys for the more visual guys (taken from the gentoo instructions:

If sidewinderd started successfully, the [MR], [M1], [M2], [M3] and [G1] through [G6] keys should now be usable. Three sets of macro profiles can be switched between using the [M1], [M2] and [M3] keys. Recorded macros are stored in their respective profile directories e.g.~/.local/share/sidewinderd/profile_{1,2,3}

To record a macro for the [G1] key in the [M1] profile, press [M1], [MR], [G1], the desired key sequence, and [MR] again. To playback the recorded macro, press the [G1] key.

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@0815fips, glad it helped! I moved on to a G815 with RGB LED keys. I still use sidewinderd, but I also needed G815-led. I still have my G105 too, and still love it!

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