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View BigWheel.R
#Price is Right, The Big Wheel
#By: Cory Hofmann, Updated: 2017-12-05
#Simulates the Big Wheel to determine percentage of winning based on all possible decisions
#Objective is to determine the probability of winning based on first spin value
#In all cases, Player 3 spins in the most logical way (stops if winning, spins a second time if not winning no matter what)
#If Player 3 ties one player, he will spin again if he has less than 0.50, otherwise go to spin-off
#If Player 3 ties both players, he will spin again if he has less than 0.70, otherwise go to spin-off
#These above two conditions are based on the odds of winning a two-man (50%) vs. three-man spin-off (33.3%)
View yahtzee.R
#By Cory Hofmann
#Last Updated: 2/26/2017
#This code will simulate 3 rolls of 5 dice, trying to get a Yahtzee.
#Will determine odds of achieving Yahtzee in 1, 2, or 3 rolls.
#Also, to see best hand remaining if attempted and failed.
#Code is set-up to run 1,000,000 times to determine probabilities.
View LCR.m
%By Cory Hofmann
%Last Updated: 2017-01-24
%This code is designed to run through a pre-determined number of LCR games
%for a pre-determined number of players. Designed to output game
%statistics for further analysis.
%Function call -> output = LCR(number of players, number of games)
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