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# Hack to avoid "allocator undefined for Proc" issue when unpacking Gems:
# gemspec provided by Jeweler uses Rake::FileList for files, test_files and
# extra_rdoc_files, and procs cannot be marshalled.
# Jeweler Issue GH-73
# Workaround by Alex Coles (myabc)
def gemspec
@clean_gemspec ||= eval("#{Rake.application.jeweler.gemspec.to_ruby}") # $SAFE = 3\n
# Define your extension normally, using the +gemspec+ defined above'my_extension', gemspec) do |ext|
# ...
#jeweler uses the 'build' task to package the gem file,
#rake-compiler chains the native GemPackageTask onto the "gem" task.
#so chain the :gem task onto :build
task :gem => :build
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