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Last active October 3, 2015 15:08
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How can you actually force garbage collection to run fully for unit testing?
will define finalizer
will run gc
did run gc
finalize was called
# I'm trying write some unit tests around some finalization logic.
# What I would like is some way to make sure that a given object was garbage
# collected. The only surefire way that I know to do this is to assert
# that a finalizer was called.
# The problem is knowing when all finalizers that can be run, have been run, so
# how to accomplish this?
$stderr.puts "will define finalizer"
ObjectSpace.define_finalizer(, proc { $stderr.puts "finalize was called" })
$stderr.puts "will run gc"
GC.start full_mark: true, immediate_sweep: true
# I think the GC has collected, but the finalizers are queued somewhere to run
# How can we make them run?!?
# I'd like to put the assertion here.
$stderr.puts "did run gc"
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How about this?

class TheFinalOne
  def initialize(thing)
    ObjectSpace.define_finalizer(self, self.class.finalize(thing))

  def self.finalize(thing)
    proc { puts thing }

# spec
describe TheFinalOne do
  it "a winner is you" do
    expect(TheFinalOne).to receive(:finalize).with("some thing")"some thing")

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cowboyd commented Oct 3, 2015

Sadly, I end up with the same result. I'm beginning to think that it will require a C extension.

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