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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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public class Parts {
// Populate customDiamond with an ItemStack referring to the minecraft diamond item, with meta 1 and nbttag as specified
public static final ItemStack customDiamond = null;
// Populate woodenshovel with an ItemStack referring to a wooden shovel
public static final ItemStack woodenshovel = null;
// Populate ironChest with an ItemStack referring to the iron_chest object from the mod IronChests, if it is loaded, otherwise
// the field will have a NULL value
public static final ItemStack ironChest = null;
// Populate enchantedAxe with an ItemStack referring to the diamond axe object, with a silk touch enchantment
@ItemStackHolder(value="minecraft:diamond_axe", nbt="{ench:[{id:33,lvl:1}]}")
public static final ItemStack enchantedAxe = null;
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