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Forge annual Parley - 2019 questions

Forge annual Parley - Questions 2019

Most important Question

  • What's the story of the Squirrel?


  • Will the support for 1.12.2 end? And will we get another recommended build for 1.12?
  • Will 1.13.2 be left as it is, or be continued parallel to 1.14?
  • Will the example project ever do anything meaningful? (Like register a block, or implement an entity)
  • Is it possible to/how hard would it be to cache resource loading to improve launch times?
  • What exactly is Forges scope? (Like an energy api would be out of scope)

Forge development

  • How does Forge work? Original: how does forge work as it does? why can forge almost only let minecraft java be modded?
  • What happens behind the facades during Game version updates?
  • What type of tests are used in Forge Development, and what do they cover?
  • Why is MCP licensing so restrictive compared to other mapping projects?
  • Who is in charge of PRs and stuff?


  • Will the major Forge rewrite be finished with 1.14 or can we expect more large changes in the future?
  • Will the fluid system be rewritten?
  • Will it be possible to have a "waterlogged" state for multiple fluids? If not, are there plans to make this possible)
  • Will dimension get a rewrite?
  • What kind of internal changes have been made to worldgen, and how will they affect modders?
  • What are the nicest/most convenient changes in Vanilla 1.13/1.14
  • With the texture update in 1.14 will anything else besides the Forge bucket be affected?
  • Wouldn't it be a good time to restructure event packages? (Like does the FurnaceFuelBurnTimeEvent really require its own package)?
  • Will Forges block id limit be removed in 1.14?
  • Are biome ids unlimited in 1.13/1.14 now? (Were any other ID limits removed?)
  • Will Forge for 1.14 be compatible with Optifine?


  • What about the texture issues with the Forge blockstates?
  • When will Config anotations return?
  • Will the Forge Animation System be extended to also work with Entities?
  • May we get a way to allow loading/unloading/reloading Mods after startup.

Core Modding

  • Will we ever get Mixin (or something similar) in Forge?
  • Is there a standard on how to coremod with Forge?
  • Could we get docs for core modding on readthedocs?

Mojang + Forge

  • What is Forges stance for fixing vanilla bugs? Could fixing such bugs cause side affects?
  • Why doesn't Mojang code Minecraft in a way that it would be mod friendlier.
  • Could Mojang integrate Forge into the Java Edition at one point?
  • Thoughts on the Modding API for the Bedrock edition? Could it overtake us?
  • Why does Mojang still bother with obfuscators?

Fabric vs. Forge

  • Will Forge be able to load Fabric mods?
  • Could you imagine a partnership with the Fabric devs?
  • Why can Fabric provide updates/Prs/feature improvements at a faster rate than Forge?
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