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Remove osxfuse if installed via homebrew:
> brew uninstall osxfuse
Install osxfuse binary and choose to install the MacFUSE compatibility layer:
Reboot (optional but recommended by osxfuse)
Install ntfs-3g via homebrew:
> brew update && brew install ntfs-3g
Link mount_ntfs:
> sudo mv /sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs.original
> sudo ln -s /usr/local/sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs
The output of the following should be as below:
> ls -l /sbin/mount_ntfs*
/sbin/mount_ntfs -> /usr/local/sbin/mount_ntfs
/sbin/mount_ntfs.original -> /System/Library/Filesystems/ntfs.fs/Contents/Resources/mount_ntfs
Reboot and voila
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zigdanis commented Aug 29, 2015

Works for me too.
I was paying attention when entered brew install ntfs-3g. it was saying that I should use homebrew/fuse/ntfs-3g but I missed that:)

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Envek commented Jul 30, 2016

El Capitan doesn't allow to rename mount_ntfs:

$ sudo mv /sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs.original
mv: rename /sbin/mount_ntfs to /sbin/mount_ntfs.original: Operation not permitted

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