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-export([perimeter/1, area/1, enclosing/1, bits/1, tbits/1]).
% shapes
% all shapes are represented by one point and parameters
% {rectangle, {x, y}, {width, height}}
% {circle, {x, y}, radius}
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│ /Users/creeonix/code/instaprint/electron-react-boilerplate
│ Electron application boilerplate based on React, React Router, Webpack, React Hot Loader for rapid application development
│ git+
├── asar@0.9.1
│ Creating atom-shell app packages
│ git+
├── babel-core@6.5.2
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#### System Info
- OS: darwin
- Emacs: 24.5.1
- Spacemacs: 0.105.9
- Spacemacs branch: master (rev. 0562f05)
- Distribution: spacemacs
- Editing style: vim
- Completion: helm
- Layers:
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По умолчанию в винде включена функция оптимизации доставки обновлений.
Это означает, что скачанные вами обновления будут раздаваться другим пользователям. Отключить:
Start–Settings–Update&Security–Windows Update–Advanced Options–Choose how updates are delivered
Параметры > Обновление и безопасность > Центр обновления Windows и выберите Дополнительные параметры.
На странице Дополнительные параметры выберите Способ доставки обновлений и отключите оптимизацию доставки с помощью переключателя. После отключения этой функции вы по–прежнему будете получать обновления и приложения из Центра обновления Windows и Магазина Windows.
В Параметры — Конфиденциальность можно отключить некоторые параметры слежки.
Для параноиков заблочить телеметрию:
В файл C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts добавить следующее (дефисы, возможно, нужно будет перебить руками):
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eval ["011001100100111010000110101101101010011011001110000001001011110000000100110110100100010000010100010001111010100111110101010000110000110101000111011010011000010101000011000011011111011100111101100100010100011110101001111101011111011100011101101011010000010001000111001010011101110101000111001010011000000101000111001010011101110100000100000001000000010000000100000001000100011110101001101101010000010000010100110100110101100111111010110100110101100101000111101010011011010110010100010001000011010001000100000101000100011110101001011101010100001100001101010001110110100110000101010000110000110111110111001111011001000101000111101010010111010100000100000001000000010000000100000001000000010000000100010001110010100111001101010001110010100110000001010001110010100111001101000001000100011110101001101101010000010000010100110100110101100111111010110100110101100101000111101010011011010110010100010001000011010001000100000101000100011110101001011101010100001100001101111110100100001100001101111101110011110110010001010001111
View release
git stash
git checkout release
git pull --tags
git checkout master
git pull
last_version=$(git for-each-ref --sort=taggerdate --format '%(refname)' refs/tags | tail -1 | grep -Eo '\d{1,2}\.\d{1,2}\.')
patch_level=$(git for-each-ref --sort=taggerdate --format '%(refname)' refs/tags | tail -1 | grep -Eo '[0-9]{1,2}$')
View have_ability_matcher.rb
# This is updated version for RSpec 3, orgiginaly taken from here:
# Custom rspec matcher for testing CanCan abilities.
# Originally inspired by
# Usage:
# have_abilities(:create).on(
# have_abilities([:read, :update]).on(post)
# have_abilities({manage: false, destroy: true}).on(post)

Dear XCorp / Hi, XCorp depending on familiarity

I'm writing in response to X, where you advertised a vacancy for Y. I am interested in applying for this role -- please find my CV attached.

My current employment position is X, which means I'm responsible for delivering/organising/producing A, B, and C. I was previously the Y at Z where I did D. My main responsibility / largest project here has been P, which is a Widget that produces Doo-dads.

While I enjoy working at X for reasons K and L, I find M frustrating. I'm also looking to move on into areas such as N, P and Q, without losing touch with K. I find K valuable but I would prefer to change my working environment to include P.

I'm particularly interested in XCorp because, as well as providing the career experience I'm after, I use your product / admire your work / look up to your staff for these reasons: ...


Railties 3.1 Beta 1

  • The -j option of the application generator accepts an arbitrary string. If passed "foo", the gem "foo-rails" is added to the Gemfile, and the application JavaScript manifest requires "foo" and "foo_ujs". As of this writing "prototype-rails" and "jquery-rails" exist and provide those files via the asset pipeline. Default is "jquery". [fxn]

  • jQuery is no longer vendored, it is provided from now on by the jquery-rails gem. [fxn]

  • Prototype and Scriptaculous are no longer vendored, they are provided from now on by the prototype-rails gem. [fxn]

  • The scaffold controller will now produce SCSS file if Sass is available [Prem Sichanugrist]