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Writing like whoa

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Writing like whoa
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antfu /
Last active October 14, 2023 20:09
Doc Table in Markdown




crutchcorn / solids-internals.js
Last active November 13, 2023 19:21
A basic reproduction of how SolidJS's internal attribute reactivity works
let Listener = undefined;
function readSignal() {
if (Listener) {
return this.value;
class Helpers {
constructor() {
this.addrof_LO = new Array(1048577);
this.buf = new ArrayBuffer(8);
this.f64 = new Float64Array(this.buf);
this.f32 = new Float32Array(this.buf);
this.u32 = new Uint32Array(this.buf);
this.u64 = new BigUint64Array(this.buf);
this.state = {};
WhiteNervosa /
Last active May 7, 2022 18:54
Windows 11 Animations with Theme
kentcdodds /
Last active March 30, 2024 11:39


I was poking around trying to figure out all the packages I have access to publish and got curious. So I write this little script to determine the download stats for all the packages I have publish access to.

Feel free to try it yourself. Just change the username passed to getUserDownloadStats.

By default, the stats are sorted by their average daily downloads (descending). That should give you an idea of the most "popular" package of a given user relative to how long that package has been around.

You can use it with npx like so:

Jack-Works / 2018.js
Last active March 1, 2024 02:23
cRAzY eSnEXt (*all* proposals mixed in)
#! Aaaaaaaaaaa this is JS!!!
// This file is mixing all new syntaxes in the proposal in one file without considering syntax conflict or correct runtime semantics
// Enjoy!!!
// Created at Nov 23, 2018
for await(const x of (new A //
|> do { //
case(?) { //
when {val}: class {
huntie / metro.config.js
Last active July 10, 2023 01:53
Snippets accompanying my article "A concise guide to configuring React Native with Yarn Workspaces" on Medium
* Metro Bundler configuration
* eslint-env node, es6
const exclusionList = require('metro-config/src/defaults/exclusionList');
const getWorkspaces = require('get-yarn-workspaces');
const path = require('path');

Everything I Know About UI Routing


  1. Location - The location of the application. Usually just a URL, but the location can contain multiple pieces of information that can be used by an app
    1. pathname - The "file/directory" portion of the URL, like invoices/123
    2. search - The stuff after ? in a URL like /assignments?showGrades=1.
    3. query - A parsed version of search, usually an object but not a standard browser feature.
    4. hash - The # portion of the URL. This is not available to servers in request.url so its client only. By default it means which part of the page the user should be scrolled to, but developers use it for various things.
    5. state - Object associated with a location. Think of it like a hidden URL query. It's state you want to keep with a specific location, but you don't want it to be visible in the URL.
forivall / y-combinator.ts
Last active March 27, 2024 03:38
Typescript Y-Combinator
// my brain decided to ask the question: yknow, i want you to think about the y combinator --
// like, what is it. like what the fuck girl, cmon, you have a comp sci degree, you should know this, and understand it and shit
// and so i was like fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine gosh, lets see if typescript can handle the typing, and play around with it
// so i looked up a javascript implementation, and played with the type defintion until it
// matched up and then i was like oh: thats what the type definition of the functions in it are.
// i get it now. that's pretty cool. the main interesting thing is a the inner function that takes itself
// and returns the function initially passed to the outer function. neato.
mistic100 / vimeo-downloader.js
Created September 15, 2018 09:01
Download video from Vimeo (chopped m4s files)
// 1. Open the browser developper console on the network tab
// 2. Start the video
// 3. In the dev tab, locate the load of the "master.json" file, copy its full URL
// 4. Run: node vimeo-downloader.js "<URL>"
// 5. Combine the m4v and m4a files with mkvmerge
const fs = require('fs');
const url = require('url');
const https = require('https');