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The Iron Throne - Monthly Report January 2017

Greetings and welcome to the first in what I hope are a series of monthly reports on the status of The Iron Throne (which some of you know as throneteki).

In January 2017 a total of 4959 games were played. That's roughly 6 per hour, which is pretty awesome. Thanks for playing!

We currently stand at 1592 registered accounts, which frankly blows my mind. When I start this project I never thought it would take off as much as it did. I'm really greatful for the support, kind words and assistance that you the community have provided.

Speaking of which, I'd like to thank the contributors to the site that we've had so far:

Ystros, Cavnak, DukeTax

Ystros in particular has put a huge amount of effort into making cards easier to implement (Which has caused some bugs along the way, sorry for those), and documenting the process. It's now easier than ever to inplement new cards. See here for guidance: Card Documentation

Ninja edit:

I forgot to mention, from the stats it would seem that a lot of people leave games without completing them. If you like the stats and want them to be more accurate, please either finish your games through, or make use of the concede button, thanks!


I have collated some stats for the month of Jan and would like to share them with you. Firstly,

The winners:

Name Number of wins
cameronhawkins 100
tphilly72186 62
Rey 51
LesSavyFan 51
Draz 50
Sotiris 48
gordianblade 48
dunkha 47
danilonilo75 46
slevin38 44
staticgriffin 43
scar 38
shenful 38
MnnX86 37
Syleener 33
jodahae 32
DukeTax 31
MaximusB 29
Wintermute 29
Jeaux 29

The losers:

Name Number of losses
jodahae 342
Rey 86
staticgriffin 85
Ozymandias98 79
junik 57
scar 56
dunkha 52
Draz 50
danilonilo75 50
slevin38 45
tphilly72186 41
LesSavyFan 38
cameronhawkins 38
gordianblade 37
Sotiris 34
vvvolya 34
Rors 33
shenful 33
KorvenLannister 33

Faction Representation

Name Number of Games
House Lannister 1670
House Tyrell 1336
House Stark 1256
House Greyjoy 1085
House Baratheon 1074
House Targaryen 974
House Martell 834
The Night's Watch 813

Agenda Representation

Name Number of Games
Fealty 2196
"The Rains of Castamere" 1625
Banner of the Kraken 884
The Lord of the Crossing 720
Kings of Summer 687
Banner of the Watch 578
Banner of the Wolf 553
Kings of Winter 427
Banner of the Stag 412
Banner of the Sun 369
Banner of the Lion 321
Banner of the Rose 210
No agenda 36
Banner of the Dragon 32

Faction Winners

Name Number of Games
House Lannister 534
House Tyrell 419
House Greyjoy 384
House Baratheon 360
House Stark 328
House Targaryen 309
House Martell 259
The Night's Watch 220

Hope you enjoyed the first monthly report, see you next month!

Any questions, suggestions on what to include next month or comments, find me on Twitter or on the site itself.

The Iron Throne - Monthly Report February 2017

Welcome to the Throneteki/Iron Throne report for February. This has been a rather exceptional month for growth for the site which has been great, but also provided some challenges.

Throughout February, 13230 games were played. This is incredible growth over last month's figure. Current number of registered users is 2419, which means we've almost added 1000 users in the last month. Wowzers is all I have to say to that.

This brings me nicely on to my next point: performance of the site. The site has been trundling along on a spare VPS that I host a couple of other things on and not too much consideration has been given to performance. It was always a "I'll worry about that later" thing. Well, with the recent explosion in usage of the site, some of you have probably noticed in peak times, when the game count hits around 17-18, the games start to noticeably lag. Later has become "now", in a big way. For the last couple of weeks I've been working on changes to the site that will allow me to offload some of the work of processing games to other nodes hosted both on the same server (1 per CPU) and to other servers. This work is almost complete and will be rolled out fairly soon. When it goes live, the lag should decrease dramatically. At the same time, I've already commissioned a dedicated higher spec VPS to run the game servers on. A nice side effect of the new code is I'll be able to turn off game servers to new connections so that I can let them empty on their own and deploy new code to them and restart them without any interruptions to games.

We have had a couple of new contributors this month. 3ana is responsible for the slight game board redesign that you may have noticed. khyinn has also contributed some client side changes and both Maester Belza and Zack have contributed plenty in terms of bug fixes and new card implementations. Welcome aboard and thanks for the contributions!

Speaking of helping out, since I started this I have been asked a few times about donations. I've always been pretty clear that I did this for fun and was happy to fund it myself. But there was some feeling that people would like to help out in ways other than coding or testing, so I put up some information about this on the site's About Page. I wont say how much has been raised so far, as the number of donators is relatively few and I don't have their permission to release how much they donated and the low sample size might make it possible to guess, but I would like to thank (in no particular order):

  • Jonas Solberg(JonasSolberg)
  • Graham Linehan(glinner)
  • Amrtaka

There is one other, but I have yet to seek their permission to reveal their name, so I will include them in next month assuming permission is forthcoming!

On to the bit most of you are here for...


First, let me just say that I have been relatively disappointed by a (relatively small) number of incidents of unfriendly behavior, possibly related to these stats. Namely leaving without conceding or aborting games that aren't going a player's way. I'm not going to tell people how to use the site, but I would say that I would like these stats (for the moment at least) to be informational only and would prefer people not to make this a super competitive affair.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, unfortunately, due to a bug, this months stats are going to be very basic. I'm sorry for this and that it wasn't picked up sooner, but it's now fixed and will be reporting correctly going forwards. All that we have is the raw number of game wins:

Name Number of Wins
cameronhawkins 132
Suchy 97
Sassanid 90
Syleener 85
slevin38 78
don 77
gumek 77
Draz 75
TheTank 75
Euphius 72
qdemo 68
Seraphael 67
danilonilo75 64
Mercutio 63
JendaD 62
Neo1 61
Lolitoman 59
diplo 58
staticgriffin 57
Stenb 55

The Iron Throne - Monthly Report March 2017

Welcome to the Throneteki/Iron Throne report for March. Firstly let me apologise for how late this report has been (it's almost time for Aprils!), life has been very busy the last couple of months, what with planning a wedding, work and other usual life stuff. The good news is I've not automated the stats collection so next time around should be a bit easier.

So, those of you who regularly play will have noticed that March was a bit of a tough month for the site. I deployed new code that allows game load to be split among different processes which can be hosted on the same, or other machines. It was complex code that is fairly difficult to extensively test in a development environment so it's fairly safe to say the release was not smooth. Server crashes, unstable games and inability to connect were rampant. I want to apologise for this, but I took the decision to keep the code live and get all of the issues worked out. I think it was the right call as now we're in a situation where the servers are mostly stable and the peak time lag is all but gone. Recently, I tracked down an issue where the server responsible for running the lobby would freak out and have very spikey memory and CPU usage. After doing a bit of research and experimentation, I discovered that there is an option in, perMessageDeflate. This default to on, and apparently the code is very buggy, spikes the hell out of the CPU and leaks memory. So turning this off, the performance and reliability of the lobby server has increased exponentially. There is still a remaining issue where some of you are unable to connect to 'node 1' as it is called internally. This runs on port 80 but uses SSL. This confuses/upsets some proxies/browsers/networks. This shouldn't cause a problem so isn't really my fault, but I'm looking at ways to work around it.

Moving on to the fun stuff: in march, 9316 games were played. That's a little lower than last month, but there was a bug in the stats and we've had all the instability due to the new code rollout so I'm not surprised by this.

Work is proceeding on getting existing cards implemented and keeping on top of the new packs that are coming out. There is a good chunk of cards from the NW box that have implementations, thanks in large part to the efforts of DukeTax, single handedly working through a load of them.


I promised to keep you up to speed with donations and what I'm doing with the money received. In March the following people donated(and agreed I could share their details):

  • pietroia
  • tornadical
  • Moreau Thomas(Diplo)
  • RDude
  • Purchy

Thank you so much to all of you. It means a lot that people feel like they want to contribute.

Up till the end of March, we've raised £220 so far. The servers currently cost roughly £45/month, so that covers them for about 4 months or so. Due to lack of time and general laziness I'm currently still paying for it myself, but I will fix that soon and use the funds donated so far. If I've missed you from this list, it's not on purpose, it's either because you donated in April, or I haven't asked your permission to include you yet, or I'm just disorganised, so apologies, but do let me know and i'll fix it for next month.

For further information on donating, please see the about page of the site.


Please be aware that this month is a little skewed due to the bug mentioned last month, and also the instability caused by the code rollout. With that said, the general trends shown do seem to be quite accurate.

Top 10

Name Number of wins
staticgriffin 108
Rein 102
cameronhawkins 94
powerguy 91
gordianblade 81
shenful 81
Zaramis 79
Scratchy 67
amp 66
robertstark 61

Top 10 by winrate

Name Number of wins Number of losses Win Rate
gordianblade 81 27 75%
Rein 102 42 71%
Scratchy 67 31 68%
shenful 81 41 66%
robertstark 61 31 66%
staticgriffin 108 59 65%
cameronhawkins 94 55 63%
Zaramis 79 46 63%
powerguy 91 61 60%
amp 66 59 53%

Faction win rates

Faction Number of wins Number of losses Win Rate
House Targaryen 1208 1033 54%
House Tyrell 1253 1070 54%
House Baratheon 811 735 52%
House Greyjoy 774 742 51%
House Lannister 1052 1058 50%
The Night's Watch 635 761 45%
House Stark 644 806 44%
House Martell 589 761 44%

Faction/Agenda combination win rates (top 10)

Faction/Agenda Number of wins Number of losses Win Rate
House Baratheon / Fealty 392 290 57%
House Tyrell / Banner of the Wolf 441 343 56%
House Tyrell / Alliance 225 177 56%
The Night's Watch / Fealty 193 149 56%
House Targaryen / Fealty 497 407 55%
House Greyjoy / Fealty 214 183 54%
House Lannister / "The Rains of Castamere" 468 463 50%
House Greyjoy / Kings of Winter 275 270 50%
House Stark / Fealty 394 417 49%
The Night's Watch / Kings of Winter 180 244 42%

Additionally, there were 668 single player games and 1682 games without a winner which were not counted as part of the stats.

That's all for this month, happy thronesing!

The Iron Throne - Monthly Report April 2017

Welcome to the Throneteki/Iron Throne report for April. As March's report mentioned, April was a pretty rough and busy month for me. But it was a pretty good month for the site. I found and fixed two of the long running bugs on the site that were causing stability issues. One was in the lobby server, and meant that it kept churning CPU and memory and eventually becoming unstable and losing connection to the db and throwing away games and users. I eventually managed to track down the issue and fix it. Pictures are better than words so here's a couple:

CPU Usage Memory Usage

As can be seen from these server graphs, the cpu and memory churn has now stopped and the lobby server is super stable.

There was also a bug in the game server that caused it to get into a 100% CPU loop from time to time. I also spent a lot of time tracking this down and managed to find and fix a cause, and ystros also found a couple of edge cases and fixed those too.

Technically this didn't happen in April but I thought I'd use this report to go into the feature in a little more detail. You've probably noticed that action windows are now configurable, meaning if you (or your opponent) have them selected, then they will trigger. If you don't, they won't. This is to allow maximum flexibility and for those that rarely use all of the windows to not get spammed by prompts all of the time, and those that want a maximum rules-correct experience can have all the windows they want. The menu for them can be found by clicking under the green triangle where the prompts that tell you what phase you're in resides. These settings apply only for the game that you're in. However, there is another new feature: user profiles. This page allows you to change your email address, password and some other stuff. Some of the other stuff is the default action windows you want to enable in all games. If you set them in here, those defaults will be used for every game you create.


I have been too busy/lazy to seek permission to publish donators this month, so they'll be included next month.

We did however recieve another £26 in donations in April, which will be put towards paying for the servers. Thank you!

For further information on donating, please see the about page of the site.


This month the stats are back to normal as all of the bugs have been squished. A total of 19578 games were played in April. This is a record amount and truely crazy! Thanks to everyone for using the site.

Top 10

Name Number of wins
Rein 289
staticgriffin 174
Scratchy 161
Krykt 125
Moloch 123
Contortore 117
street1314 116
shenful 115
Zaramis 108
robertstark 106

Top 10 by winrate

Name Number of wins Number of losses Win Rate
shenful 115 23 83%
staticgriffin 174 64 73%
Rein 289 114 72%
robertstark 106 45 70%
Scratchy 161 74 69%
Zaramis 108 49 69%
Krykt 125 96 57%
Contortore 117 125 48%
Moloch 123 136 47%
street1314 116 151 43%

Faction win rates

Faction Number of wins Number of losses Win Rate
House Targaryen 3159 2527 56%
House Tyrell 2550 2064 55%
House Baratheon 1372 1287 52%
House Greyjoy 2034 1902 52%
House Lannister 2032 2060 50%
House Martell 1257 1539 45%
House Stark 1356 1674 45%
The Night's Watch 2391 3098 44%

Faction/Agenda combination win rates

Faction/Agenda Number of wins Number of losses Win Rate
House Tyrell / The Lord of the Crossing 495 278 64%
House Targaryen / Fealty 1269 894 59%
House Tyrell / Banner of the Wolf 469 355 57%
House Baratheon / Fealty 504 426 54%
House Greyjoy / Fealty 586 525 53%
House Lannister / "The Rains of Castamere" 1071 971 52%
House Greyjoy / Kings of Winter 467 493 49%
The Night's Watch / Fealty 613 669 48%
House Stark / Fealty 839 956 47%
The Night's Watch / Kings of Winter 663 918 42%

Additionally, there were 726 single player games and 2701 games without a winner which were not counted as part of the stats.

That's all for this month, happy thronesing!

The Iron Throne - Monthly Report May 2017

Since I'm super late with this one, you can just have the stats for May:


30888 Were played in May. Another records and great growth. Once again, thanks for using the site!

Due to the general undesirable behaviour in part because of me tracking these stats, I've decided to only release faction related ones. Here they are:

Faction win rates

Faction Number of wins Number of losses Win Rate
House Targaryen 4938 4075 55%
House Tyrell 3789 3413 53%
House Greyjoy 3566 3456 51%
House Lannister 3415 3490 49%
House Baratheon 2431 2493 49%
The Night's Watch 2836 3060 48%
House Stark 2539 2986 46%
House Martell 2141 2682 44%

Faction/Agenda combination win rates

Faction/Agenda Number of wins Number of losses Win Rate
House Targaryen / Banner of the Kraken 595 330 64%
House Targaryen / Fealty 2755 2157 56%
The Night's Watch / Fealty 791 675 54%
House Lannister / "The Rains of Castamere" 1829 1647 53%
House Tyrell / The Lord of the Crossing 827 742 53%
House Baratheon / Fealty 966 901 52%
House Greyjoy / Fealty 892 819 52%
House Greyjoy / Kings of Winter 596 642 48%
House Stark / Fealty 1675 1868 47%
The Night's Watch / Kings of Winter 701 862 45%

Additionally, there were 1132 single player games and 4101 games without a winner which were not counted as part of the stats.

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