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This Python code goes through the Iowa GOP's website (actually the info was pulled from the GOP site and posted on my personal site after I cleaned it up a bit), scrapes caucus locations and exports it into a TSV. Based on a tutorial from BuzzData
# Scraper based on this tutorial from BuzzData:
import urllib2
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
# Create a file called "ward_pop.tsv" where we'll save our data
f = open('caucus_locations02.tsv', 'w')
# Make a header row: locationname (tab) precinct (tab) address (tab) address2
f.write("locationname" + "\t" + "precinct" + "\t" + "address" + "\t" + "address2" + "\n")
# Location of the page we will scrape
url = ''
page = urllib2.urlopen(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(page)
# Will have 1749 caucus precinct locations (total number of locations in Iowa)
for x in range(0, 1749):
sentence = soup.findAll('div', attrs={'class': 'locationname'})[x].text
sentence2 = soup.findAll('div', attrs={'class': 'precinct'})[x].text
sentence3 = soup.findAll('div', attrs={'class': 'address'})[x].text
sentence4 = soup.findAll('div', attrs={'class': 'address2'})[x].text
# Extract the information from the word array
location = str(sentence)
precinct = str(sentence2)
address = str(sentence3)
address2 = str(sentence4)
#write to file:
f.write(location + "\t" + precinct + "\t" + address + "\t" + address2 + "\n")
#You're done! Close file.
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