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CEFE-CNRS, sept 2019

The aim of this document is to list free spatial data and resources on the web for ecology and geography.

The data are identified by title, URL and keywords.


Global data portals

NASA, USGS & other data portals : remote sensing products and imagery.

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

Tags : remote sensing data portal

Copernicus Marine environment Monitoring Service

Tags : ocean

Browse Data Products @ ESA - Earth Online

Tags : remote sensing data portal

Data Pool @ LP DAAC

Data Pool : direct access to data by HTTP.

Tags : daac data pool modis nasa remote sensing


Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center : Archive center for Atmospheric Composition, Water & Energy Cycles and Climate Variability.

Tags : precipitation atmosphere water climate data portal

Earthdata Search @ NASA

Main website for NASA Earth Science data search & dowload. Search data by keyword and filter by time or space.

Tags : data portal modis nasa remote sensing srtm

Global Change Master Directory @ NASA

Tags : climate data portal

EarthExplorer @ USGS

Query and order satellite images, aerial photographs, and cartographic products through the U.S. Geological Survey.

Tags : data portal usgs remote sensing


Spatial Production Allocation Model @ MapSPAM

Tags : agriculture harvested area yield


Global Aridity and PET Database, Global High-Resolution Soil-Water Balance, and other raster datasets. (former website) (new website)

Tags : agriculture transport aridity evapotranspiration harvest yield climate soil water

GeoNetwork @ FAO

The FAO GeoNetwork provides Internet access to interactive maps, satellite imagery and related spatial databases maintained by FAO.

Tags : agriculture environment africa asia south america

Time Series Database from the Global Agriculture Monitoring (GLAM) Project @ UMaryland

250-meter MODIS/NDVI Time Series Database from the Global Agriculture Monitoring (GLAM) Project

Tags : modis monitoring real-time agriculture


Datasets from CRU, WorldClim, CGIAR, NASA

NCAR - Climate Data Guide

Tags : climate doc tuto

CEDA Data Server

Tags : climate data portal

Global Aridity and PET Database @ CGIAR-CSI

Tags : drought cgiar

CRU-TS v3.10.01 Historic Climate Database for GIS @ CGIAR-CSI

Voir la version 4.03 sur le site du CRU ci-dessous.

Tags : climate climate change cgiar

Datasets from Climatic Research Unit

Tags : climate climate change

IPCC Data Distribution Centre

Climate data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Tags : climate climate change


0.25 degree 3-hourly precipitation estimates

Tags : precipitation


Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission @ NASA

Tags : precipitation


The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) is a joint mission between NASA and JAXA to study rainfall for weather and climate research.

Tags : precipitation


Monitoring and Data - Global Precipitation Analyses

Tags : precipitation

Global Historical Climatology Network @ NCDC-NOAA

Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN). National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) formerly known as National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

Tags : climate in situ past


Global daily satellite rainfall (2007-2018) from ASCAT soil moisture. Zenodo

Tags : precipitation

Integrated Surface Database @ NCDC-NOAA

Integrated Surface Database (ISD). National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) formerly known as National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

Tags : climate in situ past


Frequently Asked Questions. Monitoring References. National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Tags : faq howto climate

CHPclim @ UCSB

CHPclim - High-quality monthly rainfall climatology

Tags : precipitation


CHIRPS: Rainfall Estimates from Rain Gauge and Satellite Observations

Tags : precipitation

WorldClim - Global Climate Data

Free climate data for ecological modeling and GIS

Tags : climate future past

Digital Elevation Model

World elevation datasets : SRTM, ASTER, GEBCO, GMTED. STRM (30 m) is the most widely used for high resolution. There are multiple URLS to obtain SRTM ; download it from LPDAAC, dwtkns or remotepixel. GMTED2010 (1 km) is a reference DEM for med resolution. Check GEBCO and NOAA products for bathymetry. Use IGN DEM for France.

ALOS World 3D @ JAXA

ALOS 30 m Global Digital Surface Model

Tags : alos jaxa dem

ASTER Global Digital Elevation Map @ NASA

ASTER Global Digital Elevation Map presentation

Tags : dem aster remote sensing

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) @ NASA

STRM presentation on JPL/NASA website.

Tags : dem nasa srtm


"Making Earth Science Data Records for Use in Research Environments" (MEaSUREs) projects : long-term, consistent, high-quality data records to the land remote sensing community. Official archive center for SRTM.

Tags : about daac data pool nasa remote sensing

SRTM 1arc tile Mosaic @ Remote Pixel

Easy mosaic creation of USGS SRTM 1arc Elevation data

Tags : dem srtm mosaic user-friendly interface

SRTM Tile Grabber @ dwtkns

Tags : dem nasa srtm user-friendly interface

General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO)

The General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) consists of an international group of experts who work on the development of a range of bathymetric data sets and products.

Tags : bathymetry water gebco

Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 (GMTED2010) @ USGS

GMTED2010 : World DEM at 1 km resolution by USGS

Tags : dem gmted nasa


GMTED2010 direct download (30s is about 1 km resolution)

Tags : dem gmted nasa

Elevation Products @ USGS

Elevation Products at USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center.

Tags : dem usgs

Topography and Digital Terrain Data @

GLOBE dataset : 30-arc-second (1-km) gridded, quality-controlled global Digital Elevation Model. ETOPO1 dataset : 1 arc-minute global relief model that integrates land topography and ocean bathymetry.

Tags : dem noaa

EU-DEM — Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

EU-DEM v1.0 is a digital surface model (DSM) of EEA39 countries representing the first surface as illuminated by the sensors. It is a hybrid product based on SRTM and ASTER GDEM data fused by a weighted averaging approach. The statistical validation of EU-DEM v1.0 documents a relatively unbiased (-0.56 meters) overall vertical accuracy of 2.9 meters RMSE, which is fully within the contractual specification of 7m RMSE (European Commission 2009).

Tags : europe dem

BD ALTI @ IGN - Espace professionnel

Référentiel du relief sur la France, la BD ALTI est une gamme complète de modèles numériques de terrain (MNT) qui décrivent la forme du terrain à différentes échelles.

Tags : dem france free data


Datasets about protected areas, species distribution, forests, fires, ecology and ecoregions

Cartes et information géographique @ INPN

Couches SIG nationales de référence des espaces naturels : espaces protégés, ZNIEFF, ZICO, Natura 200, référentiels.

Tags : protected areas france biodiversity species reference grids

New global 25m-resolution PALSAR mosaic and forest/non-forest map

Observed images, research and application examples using ALOS (PRISM, AVNIR-2 and PALSAR) and ALOS-2 (PALSAR-2).

Tags : forests land cover

European Forest Fire Information System @ JRC

Tags : land cover forests

Tree Species Range Maps from Atlas of United States Trees

This repository contains a clone of the shapefiles and metadata for tree species ranges in the United States that were formerly available from the USGS.

Tags : north america trees ecology

Protected Planet

Protected Planet is an online platform where users can access statistics and download data on protected areas for information-based decision making, policy development, and business and conservation planning. It's managed by the United Nations Environment Programme's World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) with support from IUCN and its World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA).

Tags : protected areas vector

Resources Data - UNEP-WCMC

UNEP-WCMC delivers analysis and interpretation of data and information about biodiversity, in engaging and accessible ways.

Tags : vector protected areas word economy

Spatial Data Download @ IUCN

IUCN Red List Spatial Data

Tags : ecology species vector

Conservation Science Data and Tools @ WWF

Spatial datasets by WWF

Tags : wwf ecology ecoregions

Data Zone @ BirdLife

Tags : birds world

European Union

European Environment Agency (EEA), Eurostat, JRC products.

Datasets @ European Environment Agency

Downloadable data about Europe's environment. Filter by topics to find data about biodiversity & land use (Corine).

Tags : coastline corine land cover data portal european community lakes water

Geographic Information System of the COmmission (GISCO) @ Eurostat

Tags : countries data portal economy european community population

European Settlement Map — Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

The European Settlement Map is a spatial raster dataset that is mapping human settlements in Europe based on SPOT5 and SPOT6 satellite imagery. The European Settlement Map 2016 (also referred as 'EUGHSL2016') represents percentage of built-up area coverage per spatial unit.

Tags : copernicus europe population

CORINE Land Cover — Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

Tags : corine land cover data portal european community

France / IGN

Links to free and non-free datasets on IGN website. Most of the access-restricted datasets are free for research purpose (send a message to Orthophotos and scanned maps can be displayed in QGIS without download, with OGC webservices.

Catalogue @ IGN - Espace professionnel

All the IGN products. Vue d'ensemble des produits IGN

Tags : france ign

BD Carthage 2016 @ IGN

Direct access to BD Carthage (french rivers DB) from Sandre website. See the description on IGN Catalogue.

Tags : france water rivers ign lakes

GEOFLA @ IGN - Espace professionnel

Administrative boundaries at 1 : 1 000 000 scale. La base de données GEOFLA® décrit le découpage administratif national (France métropolitaine et DOM). Elle est dédiée aux applications de géomarketing ainsi que de cartographie statistique et thématique à des échelles voisines du 1 : 1 000 000.

Tags : france ign administrative boundaries free data

Orthophotos @ IGN - Espace professionnel

La BD Ortho 50 cm est disponible en licence ouverte pour de nombreux départements français.

Tags : france ign orthophoto

Remonter le temps @ IGN

Téléchargement de clichés et cartes historiques

Tags : france ign pva aerial imagery historical maps

France / Insee

Population, administrative boundaries

Bases de données - Les résultats des recensements de la population @ Insee

Point d'entrée sur le site Insee pour le téléchargement des données concernant la population légale et d'autres données du recensement comme le logement, l'emploi.

Tags : france insee population

Découpage communal : table d'appartenance géographique des communes @ Insee

BD de référence pour le découpage communal, les EPCI (communauté de communes, communauté d'agglomération), les départements et régions.

Tags : administrative entities france insee

Données carroyées sur la population - Données carroyées à 200 mètres @ Insee

Données spatialisées pour SIG : 18 variables sur la structure par âge des individus, les caractéristiques des ménages (locataire/propriétaire, etc.) et les revenus au 31 décembre 2010

Tags : france population insee iris

France / Météo-France

Données d'observation des principales stations météorologiques -

Tags : climate france weather data

Données Publiques de Météo-France - Données SYNOP essentielles OMM

Données d'observations issues des messages internationaux d’observation en surface (SYNOP) circulant sur le système mondial de télécommunication de l’Organisation Météorologique Mondiale (OMM).

Tags : climate france weather data

Données Publiques de Météo-France - Informations sur les stations (métadonnées)

Catalogue des données publiques de Météo France : liste des stations météo en France

Tags : climate france weather station

Données Publiques de Météo-France - F.A.Q.

Catalogue des données publiques de Météo France avec ou sans redevance

Tags : climate faq france

METEO-FRANCE : Le réseau des stations météorologiques

Tags : climate france

France / Land Cover

Couches haute résolution

Tags : corine land cover france land cover forest remote sensing

Téléchargement des données CORINE Land Cover

Page de téléchargement des données CORINE Land Cover France (raster ou vecteur), 1990-2018 : c'est ici !

Tags : corine land cover france land cover

Base de données géographique CORINE Land Cover (CLC)

Base de données géographique CORINE Land Cover (CLC) [Données en ligne, Territoires, CORINE Land Cover] : Observation et statistiques

Tags : corine land cover france land cover

Carte d’occupation du sol @ Theia

Présentation et téléchargement de la carte d'occupation du sol créée au CESBIO (cf. ci-dessous)

Tags : land cover remote sensing france


Occupation des sols Opérationnelle : carte d'Occupation des Sols générée à partir de l'imagerie Sentinel et Landsat

Tags : land cover remote sensing france

Evolution de l'occupation du sol entre 1994 et 2017 @ Montpellier Méditerrannée Métropole

Evolution de l'occupation du sol entre 1994 et 2017 sur le territoire du SCOT. Site Opendata de Montpellier Méditerrannée Métropole.

Tags : montpellier land cover


L’OCS GE est un référentiel national utilisable à différents échelons territoriaux pour la mise en place des politiques d’aménagement du territoire et des documents d’urbanisme.

Tags : land cover occitanie

CORINE Land Cover 2018 @ IGN

Archive Corine Land Cover 2018 en vectoriel.

Tags : land cover

France / Regional Geoportals

Portails régionaux de l'Information Géographique

Données @ SIG-LR

Languedoc-Roussillon - Portail régional de l'Information Géographique Orthophoto, MNT, Occupation du Sol, BD Sol et autres

Tags : data portal languedoc-roussillon


Centre Régional de l'Information GEographice PACA

Tags : data portal paca

CRAIG - Centre Régional Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes de l'Information Géographique

Tags : auvergne-rhone-alpes data portal

PIGMA - Plateforme d’échange de données en Nouvelle-Aquitainee

Tags : nouvelle-aquitaine data portal


Tags : bretagne data portal


Tags : data portal grand-est

PPige - Nord - Pas de Calais

Tags : data portal nord-pas-de-calais

DatARA - Accueil

Tags : data portal auvergne-rhone-alpes

Picto-Occitanie - Accueil

Tags : data portal occitanie


Plateforme régionale de données ouvertes, géographiques et intelligentes en Région Provence-ALpes-Côte-d'Azur

Tags : paca open data

France / Various

France, portails divers


GéoCatalogue : Page de recherche

Tags : data portal environment france

Plateforme Opendata du gouvernement.

Tags : opendata france agriculture parcels

Annuaire de la Géomatique et des SIG > Données

Annuaire de données sur Georezo

Tags : france data portal

Cartographie des réseaux aériens d'Enedis | Enedis

Cartographie aérienne des 4 principaux types d’ouvrages réseaux gérés par Enedis.

Tags : electric grid france


Plateforme de recherche et de visualisation cartographique (CNRS)

Tags : cnrs data portal historical maps photography

Geology, Soils

ISRIC SoilGrids1km visualisation and distribution website

ISRIC SoilGrids1km visualisation and distribution website

Tags : soil

ISRIC Data hub

Tags : soil

InfoTerre @ BRGM

InfoTerre, le visualiseur des données géoscientifiques du BRGM

Tags : france geology

Datasets @ ESDAC - European Commission

The European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) contains currently many soil data and information; most of the offered data are at European scale, while, when possible, links to national or global datasets are provided. Datasets are organized in some broad categories.

Tags : soil europe

European Soil Database @ JRC

Tags : europe soil

Ancient Earth globe

Tags : education geologic time


BD Carthage @ IGN

Direct access to BD Carthage (french rivers DB) from Sandre website. See the description on IGN Catalogue.

Tags : france water rivers ign lakes


HYDRO1k is a geographic database developed to provide comprehensive and consistent global coverage of topographically derived data sets, including streams, drainage basins and ancillary layers derived from the USGS 30 arc-second digital elevation model of the world (GTOPO30).

Tags : dem rivers water

hddtools R package

hddtools stands for Hydrological Data Discovery Tools. This R package is an open source project designed to facilitate access to a variety of online open data sources relevant for hydrologists and, in general, environmental scientists and practitioners.

Tags : rstats water rivers lakes

Miscellaneous / Data formats, HOWTO

GDAL Raster Formats

List and specs of raster formats managed by GDAL/OGR (software library included in QGIS, GRASS, rgdal)

Tags : gdal opensource raster formats

OGR Vector Formats

List and specs of vector formats managed by GDAL/OGR (software library included in QGIS, GRASS, rgdal)

Tags : gdal opensource vector formats


Post : How to Read Data in netCDF Format with R ?

Tags : howto netcdf

SRTM DEM processing and elimination of artefacts @

Interesting page about SRTM DEM processing

Tags : dem srtm processing about

Using Sun's Denoising Algorithm on topographic data

Tags : dem srtm processing

FR:Guide du débutant — OpenStreetMap Wiki

Tags : basemap webmap crowdsourcing

Séries Temporelles @ CESBIO

The world famous "Séries Temporelles" blog - Great source of information about satellite imagery and image processing.

Tags : about atmospheric corrections landsat processing remote sensing sentinelle spot

Miscellaneous / Web reviews, other resources

Cartographie numérique: fonds de carte pour SIG

Tags : basemaps

MIT GIS data & docs

Tags : samples training misceallenous

Data Dive @ NOAA - NESDIS

Data Dive: Five NOAA Databases That Are Worth Exploring | NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS)

Tags : climate faq

Dataset Search @ Google

Tags : google search engine

Remote Sensing / General

General data portals for satellite imagery and resources

CEDA Satellite Data Finder

Tags : climate data portal remote sensing sentinel landsat

STEP | Science Toolbox Exploitation Platform @ ESA

Tags : sentinel toolbox remote sensing

Third Party Missions @ ESA

Tags : remote sensing ikonos rapideye

USGS Global Visualization Viewer

USGS Global Visualization aka GLOVIS. Another US data portal. Need updated Java runtime to work. Rather old. Use Earth Explorer instead.

Tags : data portal usgs remote sensing

AVHRR @ NOAA Satellite Information System (NOAASIS)

Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer - NOAA Satellite Information System, NOAASIS.

Tags : about avhrr remote sensing

Remote Pixel | Projets

Access and play with Earth Observation data. Various online tools and download service with Landsat, SRTM and Sentinel data.

Tags : data portal modis remote sensing srtm landsat

GeoStore @ Airbus Defence and Space

Search Spot and Pleaides scenes by ID or location (not free, just to consult the catalog)

Tags : about imagery remote sensing spot

Remote Sensing / Landsat

Landsat Imagery is available for free on NASA & USGS portals. Check atmosphere-corrected images on CNES website. Note that many processing services based on imagery have risen from Landsat 8 (see and Libra websites).

Remote Pixel

User-friendly interface to download and process Landsat 8. Click and see evolution of NDVI + other online tools.

Tags : data portal modis remote sensing srtm landsat

Landsat 8 Bands @ Landsat Science NASA

About Landsat 8 characteristics

Tags : about imagery landsat remote sensing

A Landsat timeline @ Landsat Science NASA

A Landsat timeline : a closer look at Landsat through time

Tags : about landsat remote sensing

Landsat Missions USGS

Tags : about landsat remote sensing

Band Combinations for Landsat 8 @ ArcGIS Blog

About Landsat 8 characteristics

Tags : about imagery landsat remote sensing

Libra browser for Landsat 8

User-friendly interface to browse and download Landsat 8

Tags : imagery landsat remote sensing

Remote Sensing / MODIS

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument is operating on two satellites, Terra and Aqua. It views the entire surface of the Earth every one to two days. Its detectors measure 36 spectral bands and it acquires data at three spatial resolutions: 250-m, 500-m, and 1,000-m. MODIS data are available through Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) at

MODIS Overview @ LP DAAC

Must read about MODIS. All about MODIS filename convention, resolution, frequence, sensors.

Tags : about daac modis remote sensing

MODIS Products Table @ LP DAAC

MODIS Products Table : NASA Land Data Products and Services

Tags : modis nasa daac data pool remote sensing

Data Sets @ National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSDIC)

MODIS snow cover and sea ice data sets from NSIDC

Tags : snow ice modis remote sensing

World / Global datasets

UNEP/GRID-Europe metadata catalogue

Tags : data portal fire hazard

Explore Data Sets @ Resource Watch

Tags : data portal

USGS EROS Archive - Products Overview

Tags : dem usgs

World Population Density Interactive Map

Tags : population density

Global Human Settlement - Home - European Commission

Tags : population density

World / Base maps, web maps

Free vector and raster map data, WMS map

Natural Earth

Free vector and raster map data at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110m scales.

Tags : basemap raster vector countries boundaries rivers lakes coastline water

VMap0 data in ESRI shape format @ GIS-Lab

VMap0 is a vector map of the world released by US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency with political boundaries, main rivers and roads. It is now integrated in NaturalEarth DB so the best option in to use NaturalEarth. However, this page allows to download VMap0 in ESRI shape format.

Tags : countries coastline boundaries


A Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Geography (GSHHG) Database : provides shorelines and rivers. Shorelines are organized into 4 hierarchical levels: boundary between land and ocean (L1), boundary between lake and land (L2), boundary between island-in-lake and lake (L3), and boundary between pond-in-island and island (L4).

Tags : coastline lakes water

OpenStreetMap Data Extracts @

This server has vector data extracts from the OpenStreetMap project which are normally updated every day. Data available in shapefiles ( and OSM (.osm.bz2) formats.

Tags : basemap crowdsourcing land cover openstreetmap roads water


OSM online data : crowdsourced cartography. Different rendering are avalaible. Mapnik and OpenTopoMap are available in QGIS via QuickMapServices plugin.

Tags : basemap crowdsourcing land cover openstreetmap roads water

QuickMapServices: easy basemaps in QGIS @ NextGIS

Short doc about QuickMapServices : a QGIS plugin from russian company NextGIS, allowing basemaps from OSM, NASA, ESRI, Google, Bing. Be aware of potential license issues with non-free basemaps.

Tags : basemap qgis

Esri Maps and Data @

Esri Maps and Data (available in QGIS with QuickMapServices plugin)

Tags : arcgis basemap esri

Bing Maps

Web maps by Microsoft (available in QGIS with QuickMapServices plugin)

Tags : webmap

watercolor @

Artistic web map based on OSM data (available in QGIS with QuickMapServices plugin). Stamen's watercolor map style is lovingly crafted.

Tags : webmap

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (

Great collection of scanned maps from every part of the world (no GIS data).

Tags : basemaps maps

International Map of the World 1:1M @ Perry-Castañeda Map Collection

Graphical index for 1:1 000 000 scale world map by US Army

Tags : basemaps maps

World / Land Cover

National Land Cover Database (NLCD) @ MRLC

USA National Land Cover Database (NLCD) download for 2011, 2006, 2001. Hosted by Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium (MRLC)

Tags : land cover usa usgs


Global Land Cover Characterization (GLCC)

Tags : land cover usgs

MODIS/Terra+Aqua Land Cover @ USGS LPDAAC

See also MCD12C1 and MCD12Q1 MODIS Products on

Tags : land cover remote sensing

Global Land Cover - SHARE 2014 @ FAO-GLCN

New FAO land cover product: the "Global Land Cover-SHARE (GLC-SHARE)".

Tags : land cover remote sensing

Global Land Cover 2000 @ JRC

European Commission - Joint Research Centre - Forest Resources and Climate Unit

Tags : land cover forests

Remote Sensing / Sentinel

Sentinel-hub Playground

User-friendly interface for Sentinel & Landsat imagery exploration through time. Multiple bands combination (natural colors, infrared, vegetation indices). Not the official archive center, but great tool. (viewer) (bands combination)

Tags : sentinel sentinel-hub toolbox viewer webmap user-friendly interface


PEPS = Plateforme d’Exploitation des Produits Sentinel - Web platform for Sentinel Products

Tags : cnes data portal imagery remote sensing sentinel

Theia - Land Data Center

Distribution web platform for Sentinel, Landsat, Spot. Here you can download Level 2A Sentinel Product for Europe and North Africa (L2A = tiled, with MAJA atmospheric corrections : see below).

Tags : atmospheric corrections cnes data portal imagery landsat remote sensing sentinel

MAJA’s Native Sentinel-2 format | Séries Temporelles

Tags : remote sensing sentinel

Sentinel 2 Mission @ ESA

See Orbit to download KML file of Sentinel relative orbits (useful for previous distribution sites)

Tags : remote sensing sentinel

Sentinels Scientific Data Hub @

The Sentinels Scientific Data Hub provides complete, free and open access to Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 user products.

Tags : data portal european spatial agency imagery remote sensing sentinel

World / National Geoportals


El Sistema Integrado de Información y Alerta Para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres – SINAGER-SAT, a cargo del Viceministerio de Defensa Civil, es la base de información de amenazas, vulnerabilidades y niveles o escenarios de riesgo, de vigilancia, observación y alerta, de capacidad de respuesta y de parámetros de riesgo al servicio del SISRADE, para la toma de decisiones y la administración de la gestión de riesgo.

Tags : bolivia data portal risk management


GeoBolivia 2.0: la Infraestructura de Datos spaciales del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia

Tags : bolivia data portal

Centro de Descargas @

Direct link to download for free topographic maps, orthophoto and high resolution DEM from Spain. En el Centro de Descargas del CNIG puede descargarse gratuitamente la información geográfica digital producida por el IGN

Tags : spain data portal dem orthophoto maps

Geoportal IDEE

Geoportal de la Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales de España que permite el acceso a servicios interoperables de información geográfica de varios órganos, organismos o entidades de una o varias Administraciones Públicas

Tags : spain data portal OGC web services

Instituto Geográfico Nacional

El Portal Web del Instituto Geográfico Nacional tiene carácter divulgativo y orientativo, y pretende poner a disposición de cualquier persona interesada información geográfica.

Tags : about spain maps

Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya

Consulteu, descarregueu i utilitzeu al vostre web, mapes i ortofotos de Catalunya, entre altra cartografia. Trobeu aquí, també, recursos geodèsics, mapes i llibres antics, articles tècnics i vídeos divulgatius.

Tags : catalonia data portal

Bhuvan | Gateway to Indian Earth Observation

Geo-Platform of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), by National Remote Sensing Centre

Tags : india data portal remote sensing

Geoportale Nazionale

Italian national geoportal

Tags : data portal italy OGC web services - Geodaten aus Deutschland

Tags : data portal germany

Instituto Geográfico Nacional (Argentina)

Tags : argentina data portal

Datos Abiertos del Instituto Geográfico Nacional (Argentina)

Tags : argentina data portal

World / Oceans

World Ocean Database 2018

Tags : ocean

Copernicus - Marine environment monitoring service

Tags : ocean

UNEP Shelf Programme

ECS Shapefile Downloads - Data shop

Tags : continental shelf


Service hydrographique et océanographique de la Marine

Tags : bathymetry ocean

World / Non-free data

Interesting sites where data visualization is free but downloading is not

OneSoil Map

Agricultural OneSoil Map with AI detected fields and crops

Tags : agriculture

Global Forest Watch

Tags : forest

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