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Escape character & quotes in Jenkins Pipeline
docker.image('cloudbees/java-build-tools:0.0.6').inside {
sshagent(['github-ssh-credentials']) {
sh """
git version
git config --local \\"\\"
git config --local \\"Cyrille Le Clerc\\"
git clone
date &> now.txt
git commit --all -m \\"another commit\\"
git push origin/master
Started by user admin
[Pipeline] Allocate node : Start
Running on in /home/ubuntu/jenkins-aws-home/workspace/tests/test-git
[Pipeline] node {
[Pipeline] sh
[test-git] Running shell script
+ docker inspect -f . cloudbees/java-build-tools:0.0.6
[Pipeline] Run build steps inside a Docker container : Start
$ docker run -t -d -u 1000:1000 -w /home/ubuntu/jenkins-aws-home/workspace/tests/test-git -v /home/ubuntu/jenkins-aws-home/workspace/tests/test-git:/home/ubuntu/jenkins-aws-home/workspace/tests/test-git:rw -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** cloudbees/java-build-tools:0.0.6 cat
[Pipeline] withDockerContainer {
[Pipeline] SSH Agent : Start
[ssh-agent] Using credentials cyrille-leclerc (GitHub cyrille-leclerc ssh)
[ssh-agent] Looking for ssh-agent implementation...
[ssh-agent] Java/JNR ssh-agent
[ssh-agent] Started.
[Pipeline] sshagent {
[Pipeline] sh
[test-git] Running shell script
+ git version
git version 2.1.4
+ git config --local ""
+ git config --local "Cyrille Le Clerc"
usage: git config [options]
Config file location
--global use global config file
--system use system config file
--local use repository config file
-f, --file <file> use given config file
--blob <blob-id> read config from given blob object
--get get value: name [value-regex]
--get-all get all values: key [value-regex]
--get-regexp get values for regexp: name-regex [value-regex]
--get-urlmatch get value specific for the URL: section[.var] URL
--replace-all replace all matching variables: name value [value_regex]
--add add a new variable: name value
--unset remove a variable: name [value-regex]
--unset-all remove all matches: name [value-regex]
--rename-section rename section: old-name new-name
--remove-section remove a section: name
-l, --list list all
-e, --edit open an editor
--get-color <slot> find the color configured: [default]
--get-colorbool <slot>
find the color setting: [stdout-is-tty]
--bool value is "true" or "false"
--int value is decimal number
--bool-or-int value is --bool or --int
--path value is a path (file or directory name)
-z, --null terminate values with NUL byte
--includes respect include directives on lookup
[Pipeline] } //sshagent
[Pipeline] SSH Agent : End
[Pipeline] } //withDockerContainer
$ docker stop 6a8ba100abb54669d24cfc7d4b6cae0dfaad727b8f3c7a3ad186690d9ee12d4a
$ docker rm -f 6a8ba100abb54669d24cfc7d4b6cae0dfaad727b8f3c7a3ad186690d9ee12d4a
[Pipeline] Run build steps inside a Docker container : End
[Pipeline] } //node
[Pipeline] Allocate node : End
[Pipeline] End of Pipeline
ERROR: script returned exit code 129
Finished: FAILURE

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imavroukakis commented Sep 29, 2016

i.e. git config --local \\"Cyrille\\ Le\\ Clerc\\"


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bcatubig commented Jan 4, 2017

Just ran into this issue myself.

If it's not clear how to do this, try with 3 single quotes and using double backslashed double quotes


sh '''
    echo Hello \\"World\\"
    echo This is a dollar sign: \\$

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chee commented Jan 10, 2017

surely three single quotes is just the same as one single quote. you're just joining the empty string to either end of it


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vikas027 commented May 1, 2017

Life saver 💯 👍

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