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Forked from inkel/gist:3690584
Created September 10, 2012 12:13
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Monit Redis
check process redis-server
with pidfile "/var/run/"
start program = "/etc/init.d/redis-server start"
stop program = "/etc/init.d/redis-server stop"
if 2 restarts within 3 cycles then timeout
if totalmem > 100 Mb then alert
if children > 255 for 5 cycles then stop
if cpu usage > 95% for 3 cycles then restart
if failed host port 6379 then restart
if 5 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout
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Thanks for sharing!

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In case somebody experiences the same as I:

with pidfile "/var/run/"

in my case is

with pidfile "/var/run/redis/"

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Good job.

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