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Last active October 27, 2023 00:46
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RAISECOM DR5364 Hack Note

Get Root Telnet

Backup configuration file in

You will found an entry <TelnetEntry Active="No" telnet_username="CMCCAdmin" telnet_passwd="aDm8H%MdA" telnet_port="23" />

replace "No" with "Yes" and write it back to get telnet root shell.

U-Boot Console

directly use of U-boot from factory firmware requires password.

We can get the password from mtd0 dump files. The file can be sent to host by tftp which is included in factory firmware.

➜  dr5364 strings mtd0.bin | grep username
➜  dr5364 strings mtd0.bin | grep password

Then, restart your router, connect 3.3V TTL UART on the board, and the serial port is 115200,8n1.

The U-Boot also has ethernet driver avialable, you can connect tftp server to any of the LAN ports.


Flash dump:

dts dump:


OpenWrt Forum Thread:

squashfs dump(including npu driver .ko for analyze):

Kernel dump and converted to elf:

RISC-V NPU Firmware npu_rv32.bin:

Factory MTD Partition

part name offset size
mtd0 bootloader 0x0 0x80000
mtd1 romfile 0x80000 0x40000
mtd2 kernel 0xC0000 0x31CDC9
mtd3 rootfs 0x3DCEC4 0x15D0000
mtd4 tclinux 0xC0000 0x1E00000
mtd5 kernel_slave 0x1EC0000 0x31CDC9
mtd6 rootfs_slave 0x21DCEC4 0x15D0000
mtd7 tclinux_slave 0x1EC0000 0x1E00000
mtd8 data 0x3CC0000 0x400000
mtd9 config 0x40C0000 0x200000
mtd10 yaffs 0x42C0000 0x500000
mtd11 reservearea 0xDDC0000 0x240000
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