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Small python script to extract (forward) messages from a bot using telegram as phishing backend /
# Script to forward the content of a chat between a Telegram Bot and a user to another user
# Make sure to insert your user_id into `receiver_id` and send /start to the bot on Telegram beforehand
import requests
import time
# from_chat_id and token are written in the javascript on the phishing site!
# the from_chat_id is the initial receiver of the phishing results
from_chat_id = ""
token = ""
# Enter your user_id as the receiver ID
receiver_id = ""
url = f"{token}/forwardMessage?chat_id={receiver_id}&from_chat_id={from_chat_id}&message_id="
error_counter = 0
message_counter = 0
while True:
# Query Telegram to forward the message with the given ID to the receiver
resp = requests.get(url + str(message_counter))
if resp.status_code != 200:
# If the Telegram API responds with a status code != 200, the message doesn't exist
# That could mean that it was deleted, or it's the last message in that chat!
# If there are 10 consecutive errors we stop the data collection!
print(f"Issue with request at index {message_counter}! Stopping")
error_counter += 1
if error_counter >= 10:
print("10 consecutive errors! Exiting!")
error_counter = 0
# Telegram allows for 1 msg/s per chat - so we need this sleep in order to not get http 429 errors
message_counter += 1

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@d-Rickyy-b d-Rickyy-b commented Jul 4, 2021

This code is licensed MIT!

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