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Installing spell checker to VS Code

Spelling Checker for Visual Studio Code

  • README of the code-spell-checker VS Code extension.

Installing spell checker to VS Code

  • Open up VS Code
  • Press button F1
  • Type ext install code-spell-checker to the command promnt and press Enter key.
  • Reload the VS Code window to enable the new extension.

Installing 3rd party word lists to the spell checker


npm install -g cspell-dict-html-symbol-entities

Germany dictionary

Including a basic German dictionary would increase the size of extension by at least 4 MB, so that generally might not make sense to do by default.

  • cspell-dicts repository shows what things there are in the German dictionary.

Node.js & tools distributed via npm can be installed easily, without need to know anything about JavaScript itself.

After installing the Node itself, run these two commands in your computer's command line terminal:

npm install -g cspell-dict-de-de

After that, follow the instructions of the Spell Checker's documentation. You can either add the settings to VS Code's global settings, or have project-specific custom adjustments.

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