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version number evolution discussions from Lyon 2014
Broad decisions about rationalizing version object behavior based on
discussions at the Lyon QAH. Participants: David Golden, Ricardo Signes,
Karen Etheridge, Leon Timmermans, Peter Rabbitson and Graham Knop
- version comparision should be done irrespective of the presence of
underscores in the string used to initialize the version object
- underscore should no longer be used as a tuple separator in vstrings or
vstring-like strings; vstrings are converted to tuples by splitting into
*characters* (not bytes) and converting to codepoints; any elements after
the first must be in the range 0-999
- numify/normal should produce a standarized string representation without
- stringify should produce the best possible representation of the value
used to initialize the version object; it should include underscores
only if the initializing value was a non-vstring string.
- floating point numbers used as initializers are converted to a decimal
string form at the precision limit of the architecture; people will be
warned about this in the documentation
- version->new(1.0203) == version->new("1.0203")
- version->new(1.02_03) == version->new("1.02_03")
- version->new(v1.2.3) == version->new("v1.2.3")
- version->new(v1.2.3_0) == version->new("v1.2.3_0")
Underscore no longer tuple separator:
- version->new(v1.2.3_0) -> tuple (1,2,30)
- version->new("v1.2.3_0") -> tuple (1,2,30)
Numify/normalize don't produce underscore:
- version->new("1.0203")->numify -> "1.0203"
- version->new("1.0203")->normal -> "v1.20.300"
- version->new("1.02_03")->numify -> "1.0203"
- version->new("1.02_03")->normal -> "v1.20.300"
- version->new("v1.2.30")->numify -> "1.002030"
- version->new("v1.2.30")->normal -> "v1.2.30"
- version->new("v1.2.3_0")->numify -> "1.002030"
- version->new("v1.2.3_0")->normal -> "v1.2.30"
Stringify should attempt to preserve string initializers:
- version->new("1.0203")->stringify -> "1.0203"
- version->new("1.02_03")->stringify -> "1.02_03"
- version->new("v1.2.30")->stringify -> "v1.2.30"
- version->new("v1.2.3_0")->stringify -> "v1.2.3_0"
- version->new(1.0203)->stringify -> "1.0203"
- version->new(1.02_03)->stringify -> "1.0203"
- version->new(v1.2.30)->stringify -> "v1.2.30"
- version->new(v1.2.3_0)->stringify -> "v1.2.30"
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haarg commented Jan 4, 2016

My understanding is that 'v1.2.3_1' will still be seen as alpha, but v1.2.3_1 will not. The quoting being the important distinction.

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