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List of SA Resources

SA Online 'Maker' Resources

Johan Beyers has a great list of resources as well.

Links to various South African online stores that may be useful to anyone 'making' things.

Name URL Notes
Netram Electronics, Quad Copters, Robotics, CNC, 3D Printing
Hobby Tronics CNC Parts, Aluminium Extrusion, Electronics
Micro Robotics Robotics, 3D Printing, Electronics, CNC
Robot Factory Robotics, Arduino, Sonoff, Home Automation
DaVinci Labs 3D Printing
DIY Electronics 3D Printing, Electronics
Next Dimension Electronics Electronics, 3d Printing components
Riecktron Electronics
Progressive Electronics Electronics
@Lantis Electronics
Prototronics Electronics
Digital Droid Electronics
Bot Shop Electronics
Communica Electronics
Yebo Electronics Electronics
RS Components Electronics, Mechanical, Tools etc
Mantech Electronics
Uni Hobbies Electronics, 3D Printing, CNC
Pi Factory Raspberry Pi
Electro Thing Electronics
Rabtron Electronics
PiShop Raspberry Pi
MCU Market Microcontrollers, Sparkfun, Electronics
Maizey’s Plastics Plastics, Engineering plastics and sign making
Maker Slide Aluminium extrusion, everything to build a CNC machine
3D Printing Store 3D printer accessories, t slot aluminium, v slot
Automation Buyer T Slot and other modular machine building components
Modular Assembly T Slot and other similar components
Cape Watch Makers Watch and Clock making tools and parts
Flying Robot Quadcopters
Otto RF, Electronics and Lipo Batteries
RF Design RF, GPS, GSM, Electronics
Wirelab Hotair Stations (Search for station), Cellphone parts
Vepac Distributor for Hakko soldering irons
Transweb Electronics, Dev Boards etc
Trax PCB Manufacturer (Cape Town based)
WH Circuit PCB Manufacturer (Cape Town based)
Bosco PCB Manufacturer (Gauteng)
ProCircuit PCB Manufacturer (Cape Town based)
Cirtech PCB Manufacturer
Leobot Arduino, Dev-boards, CNC & 3d Printers
Neotronics SA Electronics, CNC, Laser etc
Cyber Conect LILYGO boards (ESP32), Hak5 tools
Stelltron 3d printers, electronics
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hvisage commented Jan 25, 2019

From zatech/electronics:

You tried They local. Here in Cape Town (edited)
There is also WH Circuit
Bosco in Gauteng
ProCircuit in Cape Town as well (edited)
Cirtech as well (edited)
If you search for PCB Manufacture in SA there are a few others, mostly in JHB & Cape Town. Some do offer small runs / prototyping services. Not sure if they'll do everything OSH Park do or in the small quantities OSH Park will do but depending on the design it might be worth it.
A few of the local manufacturers also partner with Chinese manufacturers and can have your prototypes made in China and then they handle shipping etc.

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Smooth Edge says they've left the business, sold their metalworking line to Justice Industrial Design

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hvisage commented Jun 20, 2019

Found a new electronics distributor:
Transweb OrangePi, Wemos, Arduino, cheaper GPS/GMS modules,

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