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Last active Dec 14, 2019
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Searches Red source files for a parse pattern
Red [
Title: "Find pattern"
Description: "Searches Red source files for a parse pattern"
allow: func [any][yes]
get-files: function [
"recursively collects the full file paths for all the files in the given directory"
dir [file!] /filter "only collect files where the predicate evaluates to true" pred [function!]
collect [
foreach file read dir [
file: rejoin [dir file]
either dir? file [
keep get-files/filter file any [:pred :allow]
if any [not filter pred file] [keep file]
ends-with: function [
"create a function that returns true for a sequence which ends with any of the given values"
values [block! string! file!]
function [sequence] compose/deep [
foreach value [(:values)] [
if find/last/match sequence value [return true]
find-pattern: function [
"collects paths in the given data structure that refer to each instance of the given pattern"
data pattern
stack: copy []
rule: [
some [mark: keep pattern keep (to path! rejoin reduce [stack index? mark])
| mark: ahead block! (append stack index? mark) [into rule | skip] (take/last stack)
| skip
parse data [collect rule]
find-all-patterns: function [
"Finds all occurrances of the given parse pattern in files under the specified directory tree"
dir pattern /filter "search files with the specied extension(s)" extensions
extensions: any [extensions ".red"]
sources: get-files/filter dir ends-with extensions
print ["searching" length? sources extensions "files..."]
total: 0
matches: collect [
foreach file sources [
pats: attempt [find-pattern load file pattern]
if not empty? pats [
print [file length? pats]
total: total + length? pats
keep file keep/only pats
print ["found" total "matches"]

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@dander dander commented Dec 12, 2019

This can be used to locate specific patterns in red sources. find-all-patterns/filter can be used to specify alternate file extensions to search, such as ".reds" or [".red" ".reds"]. The returned block consists of pairs of the file! and a block of path!s to the point in the file which matched (no line numbers by this point).


Creating a function that is assigned to two words at the same time

>> result: find-all-patterns %/c/red/ [set-word! set-word! ahead ['func | 'function]] 
searching 140 .red files...
/c/red/tests/source/units/ 2
found 2 matches
== [%/c/red/tests/source/units/ [[
] 1110...

Counting usages of print

>> result: find-all-patterns %/c/red/ ['print]
searching 140 .red files...
/c/red/bridges/android/samples/eval/ 2
/c/red/bridges/java/ 18
/c/red/bridges/java/ 2
found 264 matches

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@hiiamboris hiiamboris commented Dec 13, 2019

unless block? values [values: reduce [values]]

I see this pattern a lot.. best solution so far is values: compose [(:values)]
Just wanted to share ;)


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@dander dander commented Dec 14, 2019

@hiiamboris Thanks! I hadn't seen that before. It made me realize I could take that line out altogether :)

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