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APS 4-ID POLAR bluesky-widgets example
from bluesky_widgets.models.auto_plot_builders import AutoPlotter
from bluesky_widgets.models.plot_builders import Lines
from bluesky_widgets.models.plot_specs import AxesSpec, FigureSpec
from bluesky_widgets.qt.figures import QtFigures
import databroker
import numpy as np
def xanes(monitor, detector):
absorption = np.log(np.array(monitor) / np.array(detector)).reshape(-1, 4)
return absorption.mean(axis=1)
def xmcd(monitor, detector):
absorption = np.log(np.array(monitor) / np.array(detector)).reshape(-1, 4)
return absorption[:, [0, 3]].mean(axis=1) - absorption[:, [1, 2]].mean(axis=1)
def downsampled(x):
return np.array(x).reshape(-1, 4).mean(axis=1)
class AutoXanesPlot(AutoPlotter):
def __init__(self, monitor="Ion Ch 4", detector="Ion Ch 5"):
self._x_to_lines = {} # map x variable to (xanes_lines, xmcd_lines)
self._monitor = monitor
self._detector = detector
def monitor(self):
return self._monitor
def detector(self):
return self._detector
def handle_new_stream(self, run, stream_name):
if stream_name == "primary":
# Nothing to do for this stream.
# Detect x variable from hints in metadata.
first_scanning_dimension = run.metadata["start"]["hints"]["dimensions"][0]
scanning_fields, _ = first_scanning_dimension
x = scanning_fields[0]
# If we already have a figure for this x, reuse it (over-plot).
(xanes_lines, xmcd_lines) = self._x_to_lines[x]
except KeyError:
# We don't have a figure for this x. Make one.
xanes_axes = AxesSpec(x_label=x, title="XANES")
xmcd_axes = AxesSpec(x_label=x, title="XMCD")
figure = FigureSpec((xanes_axes, xmcd_axes), title="XANES and XMCD")
# Set up objects that will select the approriate data and do the
# desired transformation for plotting.
xanes_lines = Lines(
x=lambda primary: downsampled(primary[x]),
ys=[lambda primary: xanes(primary[self._monitor], primary[self._detector])],
xmcd_lines = Lines(
x=lambda primary: downsampled(primary[x]),
ys=[lambda primary: xmcd(primary[self._monitor], primary[self._detector])],
self._x_to_lines[x] = (xanes_lines, xmcd_lines)
# Keep track of these plot builders to enable *removing* runs from them.
# Appending this figures list will trigger to view to show our new figure.
# Add this Run to the figure.
catalog = databroker.catalog["POLAR-example"]
model = AutoXanesPlot()
view = QtFigures(model.figures)
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