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How to sign up for Stanford's enterprise plan with CartoDB, via stanfordgis

This message was sent via the stanfordgis mailing list:

Stanford GISers!

I am very pleased to announce that all Stanford University faculty, students and staff now have access to through our own Enterprise level account. This provides Stanford researchers access to the full CartoDB platform, including 250mb of data storage per account, unlimited map views, sharing of private datasets within the Stanford Enterprise Organization, syncing of CartoDB datasets to Google forms and DropBox datasets, publishing of public maps from private datasets, and more! Soon to come will be migration tools for moving from one account to another, as well as Groups, for creating working groups and managing Labs, Classes and projects.

To create your profile on the Stanford CartoDB Enterprise account, you must use your email address. If you currently have a personal CartDB account associated with your email address, you will need to change the email associated with that account, or use a wildcard with your email address (see below). The steps to sign up for a Stanford CartoDB Account are: Go to Use your email address to sign up for a profile. If you already have a CartoDB profile using your email address, try appending a wildcard to your email, like so: becomes… with a wildcard of '+mapninja' If you are new to CartoDB, you may find the following links helpful in getting up to speed on it’s very intuitive user interface:

CartoDB Academy:

An Introduction to CartoDB through Humanities Lens

Introduction to SQL and PostGIS in CartoDB:

As always, watch the StanfordGIS listserv for announcements about CartoDB related workshops, events and news and never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our resources.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone you feel might be interested in using CartoDB.

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