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Using youtube-dl and gifify from the command-line to make a cat gif

Using youtube-dl and gifify from the command-line

Turn this cute YouTube cat video into a briefer-but-still-cute GIF:


Software to download

  • youtube-dl is a command-line tool for quickly downloading video files from a given YouTube URL
  • the gifify utility for converting video into GIFs, which is part of the gifsicle library.

Installing youtube-dl and gifify

Homebrew can be used to install both youtube-dl and gifify (via gifsicle):

brew install youtube-dl gifsicle

Commands to run

# downloads from the given YouTube URL to the file path of `catdrawer.mp4`
youtube-dl "" -o catdrawer.mp4

# creates a copy of `catdrawer.mp4` and converts seconds 19 to 27 to a GIF file named `catdrawer.gif`
gifify catdrawer.mp4 -o catdrawer.gif  --from 19 --to 27 --resize 400:-1 --colors 128

Then upload to Imgur. You could probably write a curl command to do it via Imgur's API

Piping youtube-dl to stdout

As victorperin points out below, instead of downloading and saving a MP4 file with youtube-dl, we can pipe the MP4 file to stdout and directly into gifify. This means that the intermediary catdrawer.mp4 is never saved to disk:

youtube-dl "" -o - \
   | gifify -o catdrawer.gif --from 19 --to 27 --resize 400:-1 --colors 128
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victorperin commented Jan 27, 2020

You can use pipes to run it faster, without need to write to disk when downloading the mp4 version:

youtube-dl "" -o - | gifify -o catdrawer.gif --from 19 --to 27 --resize 600:-1 --colors 128


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dannguyen commented Feb 6, 2020

good call! I frequently forget that - can be used to direct to stdout instead of a file path. I'll update my readme, thanks!


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weltonrodrigo commented Oct 8, 2020

Gifify is installed with brew install gifify


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