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default .bithoundrc file for ignoring project files (modify as needed and commit to the root of your project)
"ignore": [
"test": [
"dependencies": {
"unused-ignores": []

If you want bitHound to continue ignoring the default list that is shown in this gist, add your ignored files and folders to this existing list.

While I don't use the tools often, is it worth adding Gruntfile.js and gulpfile.js to this list?

@dansilivestru Missing a closing ] on the test section :)

seiyria commented Apr 27, 2015

@DamonOehlman I find value in ignoring them, simply because those files can get very long and full of redundant code. Unfortunately I don't think there's a reasonably way to split it up unless you use requirejs and split your build process across multiple files. At that point, I don't think you gain anything by using grunt or gulp.

Is it too late to allow this to be YAML OR JSON format?

Is it necessary to ignore *.{html,txt,xml,properties} files?

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