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GSoC - TVB-Modernize visualizers

TVB-Modernize visualizers

About Modernizing visualizers

When the project was originally proposed, 6 viewers were implemented using MPLH5 and it had been decided that they were old and needed some improvement. D3.js was a suitable javascript library, and it turned out to be a good tool for doing this task.

Original proposal

The original proposal aimed to update two or three visualizers, more specifically the Wavelet Spectrogram Visualiser, the Fourier Spectrum Visualiser and if the time allows until the end of the project, also the Complex Coherence Visualiser.


The first viewer I started working on was the Wavelet Spectrogram Visualizer. Things started pretty slowly, but each week I've managed to make improvements. I added small functionalities to the new viewer and in several weeks it was completed and got merged. At that point, I was officially a TVB contributor and I was proud of myself.

The second viewer that I tackled was the Isocline PSE Visualizer. This viewer had common parts with the previous one and in two weeks, this viewer was completed as well.

As time passed, I began to gain more and more experience with the technologies I was working with and the overall TVB project as well. From that point on, things went pretty smoothly and I was finishing a new visualizer once every week or two. The following visualizers that I updated were: Pearson Coefficients Visualizer, Complex Coherence Visualizer, Fourier Spectrum Visualizer, and the last one, that turned out to be not as trivial as it seemed, was the Topographic Visualizer.
This is how they look now:

Throughout this project I've contributed to three TVB repositories:

All the tasks I've solved are also documented in Jira

Work Left

For the last viewer (Topographic), an ajax call would be nice to get data from the server asynchronously and compute resolution factor based on client viewing parameters.


This project was my first contact with the open source community and I am delighted to say it was a very pleasant one. I think I was really lucky having Lia as my mentor. She did such a great job in coaching and helping me throughout the project. Overall I definitely enjoyed working with her. I have acquired new skills and knowledge in python, javascript, html and css. Also, the entire TVB project is very appealing to me and I intend to continue working in this environment.


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umarbrowser commented Dec 13, 2017

Congratulations and welcome on board,

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