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Abhishek Hingnikar darkyen

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ralt / gist:f4bd9e9133dee42e36a6
Last active Apr 16, 2018
The Contributors Army
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tl;dr we're lazy, we're coders.

Let's make use of that.

  • We don't like to start off new projects and write all the booooring boilerplate
  • We like to fiddle with code and fix it
  • We like recognition
  • We're quickly bored

Hence, I present to you my idea:

Zirak / gist:3086939
Last active Jan 15, 2021
xhr for dummies
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So, you want to send a motherfucking XMLHttpRequest (XHR, or commonly and falsly known as AJAX.) Too bad, just ran out of motherfucking XMLHttpRequests; but I still have one regular. XHR is not magic. It does not autofuckinmagically send things the way you want them do be sent. It does not do the thinking for you. It just sends an Http Request.

You get a hold on such a prime beast like this:

darkyen / Id3NodeReader.js
Created Apr 24, 2012
A simple ID3v2.3.0 Tag Reader written for node.js
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var fs = require('fs');
var Buffer = require('buffer').Buffer;
var id3Reader = new (function(){
// Credits to esailja //
var self = this;
function id3Size( buffer ) {
var integer = ( ( buffer[0] & 0x7F ) << 21 ) |
( ( buffer[1] & 0x7F ) << 14 ) |
( ( buffer[2] & 0x7F ) << 7 ) |