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1. Stop Ambari server
2. Log on to ambari server host shell
3. Run 'psql -U ambari-server ambari'
4. Enter password **** (this password is stored in
5. In psql:
update ambari.users set
where user_name='admin'
6. Quit psql
7. Run 'ambari-server restart'
Note: The password used in step 5 is the encrypted form of 'admin'.
To change passdword after installation :
curl -u admin:admin -H "X-Requested-By: Goll" -X PUT -d "{ \"Users\": { \"user_name\": \"admin\", \"old_password\": \"admin\", \"password\": \"${ambari_password}\" }}"

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kuldeepsinghchauhan commented Jul 26, 2016

One can simply use "ambari-admin-password-reset"
This is the easiest way. You don't need to do anything else.


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dasgoll commented Mar 4, 2017

ambari-admin-password-reset is only available with the Sandbox which I don't use.
But thanks for the tip :)


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aijanai commented Sep 26, 2018


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