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// Vanilla version of FitVids
// Still licencened under WTFPL
// Not as robust and fault tolerant as the jQuery version.
// It's BYOCSS.
// And also, I don't support this at all whatsoever.
;(function(window, document, undefined) {
'use strict';
// List of Video Vendors embeds you want to support
var players = [
// Select videos
var fitVids = document.querySelectorAll(players.join(','));
// If there are videos on the page...
if(fitVids.length) {
// Loop through videos
for(var i=0;i<fitVids.length;i++) {
// Get Video Information
var fitVid = fitVids[i];
var width = fitVid.getAttribute('width');
var height = fitVid.getAttribute('height');
var aspectRatio = height/width;
var parentDiv = fitVid.parentNode;
// Wrap it in a DIV
var div = document.createElement('div');
div.className = 'fitVids-wrapper'; = aspectRatio * 100 + "%";
parentDiv.insertBefore( div, fitVid );
div.appendChild( fitVid );
// Clear height/width from fitVid
})(window, document);

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@sjelfull sjelfull commented Mar 16, 2018

removeAttribute does not return anything, so chaining it like fitVid.removeAttribute('height').removeAttribute('width'); will cause an error.

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