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Last active Jul 29, 2020
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🖼️ (autohotkey) - automagically find an icon for a script
[icon folders]
folder_1 =
folder_2 =
script_icon(ahk_filepath="") {
if (ahk_filepath = "")
icon_name := subStr(a_scriptName, 1, strLen(a_scriptName) - 4)
icon_dir := a_scriptDir
else splitPath, ahk_filepath, , icon_dir, , icon_name
;# check in the script directory
if fileExist(a_scriptDir "\" icon_name ".ico")
icon_path := a_scriptDir "\" icon_name ".ico"
;# a_scriptDir\icons
else if fileExist(a_scriptDir "\icons\" icon_name ".ico")
icon_path := a_scriptDir "\icons\" icon_name ".ico"
;# a_scriptDir\icon
else if fileExist(a_scriptDir "\icon\" icon_name ".ico")
icon_path := a_scriptDir "\icon\" icon_name ".ico"
;# search through icon folders
if (icon_path = "")
{ ; also look for an icon that matches the first letter
stringLeft, first_character, % regExReplace(icon_name, "[\W]"), 1
iniRead, icon_folder, % a_lineFile, icon folders, folder_%a_index%
if (icon_folder = "")
continue ; to next folder
loop, files, % rTrim(icon_folder, "\") . "\*.ico", R
splitPath, a_loopFileFullPath, , , , this_icon
if (this_icon = icon_name)
icon_match := a_loopFileFullPath
break 2
if (this_icon = first_character) and (letter_match = "")
letter_match := a_loopFileFullPath ; save the first match
until (icon_folder = "ERROR")
if (icon_match = "")
icon_path := letter_match ; the icon that matched the first letter
else icon_path := icon_match
;# if nothing has been found then use the default H icon
if (icon_path = "")
icon_path := a_ahkPath
return icon_path
[script info]
version = 1.1
description = automagically find an icon
author = davebrny
source =

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@davebrny davebrny commented Mar 6, 2017


- add script_icon.ahk to your user library

- use the script_icon() function with the menu command in the auto-execute section of your scripts:

menu, tray, icon, % script_icon()

- (add it to your 'new script' template if you have one)

- add and rename icons in your icon folder to match your script names

- reload your scripts to have the icons appear


to search in multiple icon folders, increment the number for each key name: folder_3, folder_4

this only works with uncompiled .ahk scripts.   to have compiled scripts use the same icons, use this script in conjunction with compile.ahk


icon search order

1 - look in the script directory for an .ico file matching the script name
2 - look in the folders icon or icons in the script directory
3 - search through your icon folders
4 - same icon folders but matching the first letter of the script name

alphabet icons

if no icons are found that match the exact script name then an icon that matches the first letter of the script will be used instead.

download one of the following icon sets and place them in one of your icon folders

grey icons   (click on "download" in the top right corner and select "direct download")
green icons
icon font: ubuntu titling

ahk keys

ahk green



heres an example of script_icon() in use with the same icons showing across the tray menu, shortcut files, compiled scripts and in a context menu.


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