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const test = require('tap').test;
const fb = require('../lib/facebook');
const utils = require('../lib/utils');
const querystring = require('querystring');
test('fb#publishBadge', function (t) {
var accessToken = 'AAAD0ensvZAb8BAFdRG6w1ZBeIgWCINxkrAZAd1ZCSZBZC65dU2qZACYcyYyMlJRMp0CX94jr8r7aaZBal3xrVqScUZCo0aNZALXEiaEObkEEVomAZDZD';
var badgeBodyHash = 'sillybadgehash';
var userId = 'me';
fb.publishBadge(accessToken, badgeBodyHash, userId, function (err, resp) {
if (err) throw err;
t.equal(resp.status, 200);
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