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Dave Lester davelester

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davelester / gist:98a57c363bb1306e32e008fa1b85edf8
Created Nov 13, 2020
Non-Alcoholic (NA) Beer Recommendations
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All beers with 0.5 percent or less ABV. Informal star rating based on personal preference.
- Athletic Brewing (Run Wild and Upside Dawn)
- Wellbeing Brewing (Victory Wheat, Intentional IPA, Heavenly Body)
- Hoplark HopTea
- Heineken 0.0
- Surreal Brewing
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Website code:
Requirements: Ruby 2+
## Setup
gem install bundler
bundle install
## Generating the site
To generate the site one only needs to run `rake` after performing the setup
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from rbtools.api.client import RBClient
client = RBClient('')
root = client.get_root()
# Arguments to pass to get_review_requests()
# counts_only=True
# status
# to_groups
# max_results
davelester / gist:b40e3b5d0347540abf36
Created Jun 24, 2014
Unedited responses to the 2014 Mesos Community Survey question, "What features do you think are missing from Mesos?"
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What features do you think are missing from Mesos?

  • Being able to run inside Docker. Problem is that you cannot define public ip address. When Mesos startups in Docker container it only see a private ip address. But it have different public ip address.
  • Stronger containerisation (Docker as first class citizen). Documentation - HA setup - Writing custom scheduler and executors - examples in mesos/frameworks are out of date - samples in mesos/src/examples are too simple Docker integration (I know this has been merged recently). I am using custom Docker executor and am looking forward to using Deimos. Better packaging - Mesosphere requires custom egg installation. - Mesos slave and master should be separate packages - Java dependency should be optional
  • None :)
  • Dynamicly update role weight. Task Preemption. Framework resource limitation. Mostly ease of use features for EC2 The mesos master should be dead simple to point an ELB at. It is not. Another feature I found missing was in the mesos-spark integra
davelester / gist:5211115
Last active Dec 15, 2015
Notes / cheat sheet to direct people to for browsing Common Crawl data
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// Install s3cmd if you don't already have it installed
pip install s3cmd
// configure your keys before using s3cmd
s3cmd --configure
// once you have s3cmd on your machine, list first 3 files in the current crawl folder
s3cmd ls s3://aws-publicdatasets/common-crawl/parse-output/ | head -n3
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diff --git a/models/badge.js b/models/badge.js
index 01c2eeb..8b9e4ff 100644
--- a/models/badge.js
+++ b/models/badge.js
@@ -21,6 +21,10 @@ Badge.prototype.presave = function () {
+Badge.prototype.postsave = function() {
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ubuntu@ip-10-157-50-160:~/openbadges$ npm start
> openbadges@0.5.0 start /home/ubuntu/openbadges
> ./bin/db-migrate up && ./node_modules/.bin/up -w -n 1 -p 8888 app.js
[INFO] No migrations to run
[INFO] Done
up-cli starting cluster with 1 workers on port 8888
up-cli `kill -s SIGUSR2 14209` or ctrl + r to load new code
up spawning 1 workers from master 14209
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const test = require('tap').test;
const fb = require('../lib/facebook');
const utils = require('../lib/utils');
const querystring = require('querystring');
test('fb#publishBadge', function (t) {
var accessToken = 'AAAD0ensvZAb8BAFdRG6w1ZBeIgWCINxkrAZAd1ZCSZBZC65dU2qZACYcyYyMlJRMp0CX94jr8r7aaZBal3xrVqScUZCo0aNZALXEiaEObkEEVomAZDZD';
var badgeBodyHash = 'sillybadgehash';
var userId = 'me';
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var arDrone = require('ar-drone');
var client = arDrone.createClient();
client.after(2000, function() {
client.after(3000, function() {
console.log('flip', client);
davelester / gist:3846526
Created Oct 6, 2012
generating a single file of ofl fonts and their font categories
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cd /Users/davelester/Code/googlefontdirectory/ofl/
for i in $( ls ); do
cd $i
echo 'Font:' $i
cat "METADATA.json" | python -c 'import json,sys;obj=json.loads(;print "Category: " + ob$
cd ../