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Website code:
Requirements: Ruby 2+
## Setup
gem install bundler
bundle install
## Generating the site
To generate the site one only needs to run `rake` after performing the setup
tasks mentioned above. This will download the latest Apache Mesos documentation
contained in the `docs` folder, integrate them into the site, and generate all
other files within the source folder.
## Development
To live edit the site run `rake dev` and then open a browser window to
http://localhost:4567/ . Any change you make to the sources dir will
be shown on the local dev site immediately. Errors will be shown in the
console you launched `rake dev` within.
## Publishing the Site
The website uses svnpubsub. The publish folder contains the websites content
and when committed to the svn repository it will be automatically deployed to
the live site.
## Other available tasks
rake build # Build the website from source
rake clean # Remove any temporary products
rake clobber # Remove any generated file
rake dev # Run the site in development mode
rake update_docs # Update the latest docs from the Apache Mesos codebase
rake doxygen # Update doxygen from C++ source files
rake javadoc # Update javadocs from java source files
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