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Review board tools script
from rbtools.api.client import RBClient
client = RBClient('')
root = client.get_root()
# Arguments to pass to get_review_requests()
# counts_only=True
# status
# to_groups
# max_results
# time_added_from
# time_added_to
reviews = root.get_review_requests(count_only=True, status="submitted", to_groups="mesos", max_results=200, time_added_from="2013-07-01", time_added_to="2013-08-01")
print reviews
contributors = dict()
print "_______ REVIEW ACTIVITY ________"
for review in reviews:
submitter = review.get_submitter()
print "(" + review.status + ") " + review.summary
if hasattr(submitter, 'email'):
if contributors.has_key(
# update the list of contribute review summaries
listOfContributors = contributors[]
contributors[] = listOfContributors
contributors[] = [review.summary]
print "_______ ACTIVITY DIGEST ________"
# print contributor
numOfContributions = dict()
for c in contributors:
print c, len(contributors[c])
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