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april 18 links
[ 'GIF of epic',
'RT @AppleVis: New Guide: Understanding and Using VoiceOver\'s Commanders -',
'An Introduction to the MEAN Stack:',
'320° Licht: A Repurposed 112-Meter High Gas Tank Converted into a Cathedral of Light',
', you had one job: display conversations in chronological order.',
'Dollyzoom.js - - for the filmmaker in you.',
'Minicron is a system to manage and monitor (distributed) cron jobs: - nice project / handy tool!',
'RT @simevidas: With ES6 Set/Map in IE11, Safari remains the only browser that doesn\'t support them.\n\nCode demo:',
'RT @razvancaliman: CSS Shapes Editor in Brackets - A lot of time and work went into building this. I hope you find i…',
'RT @letoams: first TLS 1.3 draft RT @botstandar: [RFC-DRAFT] The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.3',
'All the videos of PyCon are out - - good turnaround time, that',
'Hey @stefsull, well lookie who I spy here! @garazi!!',
'#AppStrategy comes to #SF 4/25! Join @AppsAlliance & learn to gain users, boost retention & get your app discovered',
'Make-a-thon demos about to start at @Pinterest HQ.',
'PoV Firefox via @feedly',
' - forgot about this, grew a lot since I saw it the first time.',
'.@WebReflection We\'ll add instructions + link to WP Emulators to modern.IE! You can download one with the WP SDK here',
'The Great Wall of Pinners, with @catleecatlee for scale.',
'Why you would use Hardware Scaling on Android Never made sense to me. This article helped clear that up #perfmatters',
'How many different redesigns are visible in the booking flow on @expedia? 3? 4?',
'this is epic',
'RT @EmrgencyKittens: mmmm nomtermelon.',
'RT @uxpodcast: Episode 71: James & Per & Jens gather insights - We chat #Design #research with @jenswedin #ux',
'Franklin is sleeping in two carpets at the same time',
'Piston x86-64 Assembler: An x86 Assembler Written in CoffeeScript -',
'RT @html5devconf: @codepo8 Write less, achieve meh May 22nd @HTML5DevConf',
'Typekit Practice is a fine new typography resource. Congrats & thanks @nicewebtype @typekit !\n\n',
'RT @PocketHits: Write Code Every Day - @jeresig, - #MostSaved',
'Like to watch live rocket launches? Now is a good time to click this link:',
'RT @thedirtshow: Second show this week! We talk Yahoo, Google\'s "Project Ara" modular phone, and some really cool Apple news…',
'RT @BetaNYC: Do you like to @CitibikeNYC & wanna learn about its trip data? Join us & dig into this #NYCOpenData #Bi…',
'woah check what I just found in the street...',
'Live webcast of SpaceX launch to the ISS right now:',
'Too cool for school (also...not old enough)',
'"Too many buttons that don’t look like buttons — that’s my single biggest gripe about iOS 7."\n',
'Let me spam you for $20 Uber credit, if you don\'t have an account yet ;-) One week left!',
'RT @jessicahagy: An oldie people are asking to see today:',
'Join us for a free webcast w/ @yfain on 4/22 to learn 7 different ways to build #HTML5 Web applications',
'RT @ashedryden: I’ve been waiting to speak with someone at Twitter since Dec 12 about how they aren’t protecting their users.…',
'Pyro Board, A Fascinating Demonstration of Sound Waves Interacting With Sound Pressure Using Fire -',
'single-field credit card input pattern updated/improved:\n\n\nht/ @brad_frost',
'How to Lie with Data Visualization by @heap #deathtobullshit',
'Designing apps for the visually impaired by @elliotEKJ — Realmac Blog',
'RT @bloggless: 15 Revealing Signs You Genuinely Love What You Do: via @Inc',
'Project Ara: building the modular smartphone @ - love the vision, can\'t wait to play with it!',
'New #npmawesome from @alexgorbatchev: Multiple choice user prompt for CLI tools using terminal-menu\n\n',
'Guy Builds Spider-Man\'s Webslinger Using an Electromagnetic Launcher',
'Great talk on using JS & CSS together to create performant browser animation',
'RT @frostyweather: @brad_frost Live Reading of Space Jam',
'and the results… (Android Wear smart watches):',
'Building a Recipe Search Site with Angular and Elasticsearch:',
'A few words on automation testing',
'RT @littleidea: I\'m proud of this program\n\n\nalso the code of conduct\n\n\ncome hang out with me\n#d…',
'News @stratechery: I’ve made a change so that Stratechery has no paywall. All premium content will be in email \n\n',
'RT @thedirtshow: First show the week! We chat about @macawco @sketchapp & design tools ^Tim',
'AEA Resources: Hot Links From @aneventapart Seattle.\n\nReviews, summaries, notes & web links. \n\n',
'"Reactive programming is the new OOP" I hope it is better than that :/',
'RT @ladies_in_tech: New episode! @snookca joins us; talks turning ideas into writing into talks into workshops',
'Blink: Intent to ship element.animate(), part of Web Animations Demo:',
'RT @atpfm: 61:\n\nVinyl sound, Apple/Samsung trial documents, Greg Christie, pCell, scaling, and why Marco never uses …',
'RT @msdev: #HappyFriday #TGIF',
'Workin’ at the headquarters today with @veeneck and @codepaladin',
'Want to speed up LIKE ‘%term%’ operations in PostgreSQL?',
'RT @ashedryden: Hiring biases increase when candidates are given an opportunity to promote themselves.',
'The bigger the dashboard, the more it fits. (on mobile phones, that is) #rwd',
'Enjoying the 3rd monitor! +@DevWithPurpose',
'Useful. Image Lightbox, Responsive and Touch‑friendly.',
'RT @khoi: Crib sheet of keyboard shortcuts for Sketch, including 7 new ones for v3.',
'RT @OReillySolid "Do you have questions for @TimOReilly? Get them answered at his @reddit_AMA Tues April 22 1pm ET  "',
'Local 512 represent! Austin 2.0 @pixelworkers “T” is back in stock!\n\n',
'RT @nicewebtype: Join me at AEA San Diego:\n\nWe might even get to talk about future Typekit Practice stuff.\n\nDiscount…',
'Web Components and you – dangers to avoid - a quick braindump to avoid mistakes of the past. We need this.',
'They\'re getting bigger….',
'RT @frontenderinfo: @slicknet We have translated to russian and published your article “Why Coding Style Matters”.',
'RT @TinyTNG: Beep boop boop, weeee-ooooohhh #R2D2 #CommanderData #TNG #AfterGlow',
'I hope this DXT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse ( will solve my wrist & hand issues in both hands. To many years of mousing!',
'RT @ChristophPaul_: When you lack empathy & have dogmatic beliefs, you only change your views when it hits home.',
'RT @grigs: See me at @aneventapart San Diego May 12–14. Save $100 with code AEAGRIG \n\n\nAbout my talk:…',
'in case you missed earlier this week: 9 Free Icon Sets to Diversify your Library',
'RT @pixelarchitect: This. This so hard',
'RT @stratechery: Free Stratechery and the Daily Email\n\n\n\nEverything on will always be free. A …',
'<google-sign>: @polymer element for authenticating w/Google now has an improved API, sign-out',
'Meanwhile, in Rails',
'Thrilled an honored to be talking about atomic design at @aneventapart in San Diego! \n\nUse code AEAFRST for $100 off',
'Learning Sketch 3 looks like a great resource for getting your hands dirty with @sketchapp \n\nvia @daanriver',
'I love the idea behind this foldable origami kayak Vimeo #Vimeo',
'The Reciprocity Principle: Give Before You Take in Web Design',
'RT @Hrexed: #Java Performance : The Definitive Guide @tangowhisky37 #perfmatters',
'RT @balpha: This @trello password field placeholder cracks me up every time.',
'Animating SVG with CSS +@chriscoyier',
'RT @HuffingtonPost: Some countries realize you have a life outside work. The U.S. isn\'t one of them',
'Training with @bodybyhannah. (@ Julian Walker Studio)',
'While I love the idea of, £10 to stream a movie seems excessive / @BFIPlayer',
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