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april 28 links
[ 'RT @businessinsider: Apple may launch two new MacBook Air models tomorrow',
'RT @willienelson: Willie getting his black belt',
'RT @hnycombinator Lessons learned from a cancelled project at GitHub (cmts )',
'RT @engadget: Worth repeating: If you\'re using Windows XP and Internet Explorer, you\'re at risk:',
'RT @conflitti: Just ran into @zeldman after day 1 of #aeabos Loved every minute of it. Thank you! That pic is for you @alisonpopp http://t.…',
'RT @drunk_casey: @marcoarment @siracusa Or this one?',
'RT @drunk_casey: @marcoarment @siracusa How about this one?',
'RT @irwindigital: @marcoarment John’s “relatively speaking” approval T-shirt. cc: @siracusa',
'RT @sippndipp: @dalmaer Hell yeah! @9elements has mullets deep in their DNA',
'Advanced bionic limbs could redefine disabilities',
'today we learned is p nice',
'...and not just Crockford\'s but all the videos incl. mine from #CraftConf are now available here too:',
'If you\'ve read Crockford\'s book, watch this for updates. and you\'ll be surprised at no longer good parts: #CraftConf',
'Reading, I\'m thinking it\'s actually not about diversity at all, but toxic bro culture. ~= concept, but not ===',
'RT @wickett: the schedule for #devopsdays #austin looks really awesome >',
'The Virtual Reality Renaissance Is Here, But Are We Ready?',
'RT @mattb: having a docker image is the new having an API. (cf )',
'RT @boo_hooray: Miles just called and said he wants this album to be titled:\n"BITCHES BREW"\nPlease advise.\n http://t.…',
'up yours iTunes.',
'Why is it left to Boing Boing to fact check Hillary Clinton. Are we still mourning the death of newspapers?',
'If I didn’t know better, I’d think The Prompt’s shirt was about a political cause. Which I’d completely support.',
'RT @npmjs: we have moved to new, improved hardware. if you\'re replicating you may see a restart, but nothing should …',
'RT @kottke: Trailer for Boyhood, Richard Linklater\'s new movie, filmed over a 12-yr period to watch a boy growing up',
'Dude Feminism: "Men shouldn’t hurt women... because other men might do it to THEIR women, and that would be awful."',
'Inline SVG vs Icon Fonts [CAGEMATCH] from @chriscoyier',
'RT @CreativeBloq: 10 top tips for multi-screen site development:',
'RT @doge_js:',
'Silicon Valley\'s business model? “Underpants gnomes.” @jmspool #aeabos',
'RT @doge_js: not ALL doges',
'Treated myself to one of those fancy standing desks* for the home office: \n\n*breadboard on the hob.',
'“If a strategy cannot predict an outcome, it’s basically broken.” @jmspool #design #ux #aeabos',
'RT @mindweather: Save a date: #devopsdays NYC, September 18-19, 2014. Right after #velocityconf. #devops',
'RT @JunaDuncan: #sketchnotes of @Zeldman at an Event Apart',
'RT @abt_programming: "This shower is quite a prolific open source contributor on @github" via @mrdougal',
'I bought a movie on iTunes, I want to watch it on my bigger screen and get this??? What the hell, @apple?',
'TIL putting a WebView as a subview in a layer-backed NSView with masksToBounds active results in the Matrix.',
'Boom! Droplet manager for OS X!',
'Oh no. "Secret for high schools" sounds like hell to me :/',
'So there was a battle between Microsoft and Nokia over this lovely Finnish guy. And Microsoft won. They acquired him.',
'White House petition for Net Neutrality',
'SPACE CLAW <3 YOU THIS MUCH /\n@7im: this is amazing cc @thisisaaronland',
'What UX isn’t — User Experience 101 —',
'Smartwatch research:\n\nhelp out, please.',
'10 Things You Shouldn\'t Say to Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair',
'RT @scottjehl: Greetings, Picturefill fans. The tracker\'s cleared for the 2.0 final release. Any issues with the beta? Last call! http://t.…',
'A prerecorded stevenote product intro would be creepy but epic.',
'RT @smartwatermelon: That Net Neutrality petition you\'ve been meaning to sign:',
'Take a moment to let the irony just wash over you.',
'RT @viljamis: All the Dashes in Web Typography:',
'RT @NodeUp: NEW - A @NodeConf 2014 Show w/ @dshaw @mikeal @lyle & @rvagg! \n\nGet it here:',
'The Game Boy Turns 25 Today //Wow, I\'m feeling a little bit old now ;)',
'I wrote @stratechery why leapfrog technologies like payments and messaging will increasingly come from outside the US',
'Holding her close',
'RT @gary_schroeder: @sazzy sketchnotes. #aeabos',
'RT @gary_schroeder: @danielmall sketchnotes #aeabos',
'Superb notes on all the #sotb4 talks',
'Dang! lots of Samsung Galaxy screen sizes to think about... /via @lukew',
'RT @eranhammer: #world50best live event is on now:',
'How to avoid loading indicators: - great UX+perf tips by @lukew.',
'Luke Wroblewski Screen Time at An Event Apart Boston #aeabos @lukew',
'Have a great data idea/skill to share? Submit a proposal to speak at #Strataconf + Hadoop World by Apr 30',
'RT @stratechery: The Problem with Payments\n\n\n\nPayment systems using credit cards have impossible margins; those w/o h…',
'RT @Microsoft: JUST ANNOUNCED: @Skype group video calls are now free.',
'"I am _this_ cool"',
'Chrome DevTools Features You May Have Missed',
'RT @ModelViewMedia: An Untold Startup Story: A story of sexual assault leading to the downfall of a female founder.',
'Starting my journey to San Francisco and the @dribbble x @yahoo meetup on Wednesday night:',
'RT @CraftConf: Almost all @CraftConf is up on @Ustream: \n #craftconf',
'Test the brand new interface in Firefox 29: Find out what is new -',
'RT @nettuts: Check out some Chrome DevTools features you may have missed in this tut by @umaar',
'Responsive Man #face #aaaahhhhh',
'Riding with @aarongustafson is awesome.',
'Hairstrike show, Longboard Margarita Bar in Pacifica',
'RT @thatadamguy: Name my colleague\'s baby, and he & his friends will donate up to $14,000 to charity. Seriously.',
'RT @csharpfritz: 5 Ways to Build Mobile Apps with Visual Studio',
'I\'m going to Campus Party Mexico to present #FirefoxOS and I now got a month to learn how to pronounce "guadalajara"',
'“What is the cost of your non-responsive images?” \n\n',
'Space Elevator Closer to Liftoff With New Cable',
'One of my first articles (2002), Creating a cross-browser expandable tree:',
'Skype Makes Group Video Calling Free for Mac, PC, and Xbox One Users',
'The \'incomplete list of mistakes in the design of CSS\' checks out. Where\'d my time machine get to?',
'Penguin partnership with @Bookshare is taking off this week! More than 1,000 books added in one day! #dyslexia #a11y',
'My life in 3 panels:\n\n\nht/ @bokardo',
'RT @NodeRockets: Having trouble deciding what activity to do for #jsconf this year? How about building a JavaScript powered rocket: http://…',
'adapting your process/workflow to responsive design:\n\nmy notes from @danielmall talk at #aeabos',
'Angular Classy: Class-Based Controllers for AngularJS -',
'The various definitions of what "full stack" means',
'RT @a_girl_irl:',
'RT @mathias: US-CERT recommends people to not use Internet Explorer for the time being.',
'Sarah Parmenter at #aeabos' ]
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