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from sense_hat import *
class SenseStick_en(SenseStick):
def __init__(self):
def en_wait_for_event(self, en_emptybuffer=False):
return self.wait_for_event(en_emptybuffer)
SenseStick_en.en_get_events = SenseStick_en.get_events
SenseStick_en.en_direction_up = SenseStick_en.direction_up
SenseStick_en.en_direction_down = SenseStick_en.direction_down
SenseStick_en.en_direction_left = SenseStick_en.direction_left
SenseStick_en.en_direction_right = SenseStick_en.direction_right
SenseStick_en.en_direction_middle = SenseStick_en.direction_middle
SenseStick_en.en_direction_any = SenseStick_en.direction_any
class SenseHat_en(SenseHat):
def __init__(self):
self._stick = SenseStick_en()
# LED Matrix
def en_set_rotation(self, en_r=0, en_redraw=True):
self.set_rotation(en_r, en_redraw)
def en_flip_h(self, en_redraw=True):
return self.flip_h(en_redraw)
def en_flip_v(self, en_redraw=True):
return self.flip_v(en_redraw)
def en_set_pixels(self, en_pixel_list):
def en_set_pixel(self, en_x, en_y, *en_args):
self.set_pixel(en_x, en_y, *en_args)
def en_get_pixel(self, en_x, en_y):
return self.get_pixel(en_x, en_y)
def en_load_image(self, en_file_path, en_redraw=True):
return self.load_image(en_file_path, en_redraw)
def en_clear(self, *en_args):
def en_show_message(self, en_text_string, en_scroll_speed=.1, en_text_colour=[255, 255, 255], en_back_colour=[0, 0, 0]):
self.show_message(en_text_string, en_scroll_speed, en_text_colour, en_back_colour)
def en_show_letter(self, en_s, en_text_colour=[255, 255, 255], en_back_colour=[0, 0, 0]):
self.show_letter(en_s, en_text_colour, en_back_colour)
# IMU Sensor
def en_set_imu_config(self, en_compass_enabled, en_gyro_enabled, en_accel_enabled):
self.set_imu_config(en_compass_enabled, en_gyro_enabled, en_accel_enabled)
# Joystick
SenseHat_en.en_stick = SenseHat_en.stick
# LED matrix
SenseHat_en.en_rotation = SenseHat_en.rotation
SenseHat_en.en_get_pixels = SenseHat_en.get_pixels
SenseHat_en.en_gamma = SenseHat_en.gamma
SenseHat_en.en_gamma_reset = SenseHat_en.gamma_reset
SenseHat_en.en_low_light = SenseHat_en.low_light
# Environmental sensors
SenseHat_en.en_get_humidity = SenseHat_en.get_humidity
SenseHat_en.en_humidity = SenseHat_en.humidity
SenseHat_en.en_get_temperature_from_humidity = SenseHat_en.get_temperature_from_humidity
SenseHat_en.en_get_temperature_from_pressure = SenseHat_en.get_temperature_from_pressure
SenseHat_en.en_get_temperature = SenseHat_en.get_temperature
SenseHat_en.en_temp = SenseHat_en.temp
SenseHat_en.en_temperature = SenseHat_en.temperature
SenseHat_en.en_get_pressure = SenseHat_en.get_pressure
SenseHat_en.en_pressure = SenseHat_en.pressure
# IMU sensor
SenseHat_en.en_get_orientation_radians = SenseHat_en.get_orientation_radians
SenseHat_en.en_orientation_radians = SenseHat_en.orientation_radians
SenseHat_en.en_get_orientation_degrees = SenseHat_en.get_orientation_degrees
SenseHat_en.en_get_orientation = SenseHat_en.get_orientation
SenseHat_en.en_orientation = SenseHat_en.orientation
SenseHat_en.en_get_compass = SenseHat_en.get_compass
SenseHat_en.en_compass = SenseHat_en.compass
SenseHat_en.en_get_compass_raw = SenseHat_en.get_compass_raw
SenseHat_en.en_compass_raw = SenseHat_en.compass_raw
SenseHat_en.en_get_gyroscope = SenseHat_en.get_gyroscope
SenseHat_en.en_gyro = SenseHat_en.gyro
SenseHat_en.en_gyroscope = SenseHat_en.gyroscope
SenseHat_en.en_get_gyroscope_raw = SenseHat_en.get_gyroscope_raw
SenseHat_en.en_gyro_raw = SenseHat_en.gyro_raw
SenseHat_en.en_gyroscope_raw = SenseHat_en.gyroscope_raw
SenseHat_en.en_get_accelerometer = SenseHat_en.get_accelerometer
SenseHat_en.en_accel = SenseHat_en.accel
SenseHat_en.en_accelerometer = SenseHat_en.accelerometer
SenseHat_en.en_get_accelerometer_raw = SenseHat_en.get_accelerometer_raw
SenseHat_en.en_accel_raw = SenseHat_en.accel_raw
SenseHat_en.en_accelerometer_raw = SenseHat_en.accelerometer_raw
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davidhoness commented Aug 10, 2017

An example of how Python class inheritance can be used to translate the method and parameter names of the Sense HAT API for non English speakers. In this example I have just prefixed the original English method and parameter names with en_ to simulate a translated version of the name. Methods that contain parameters needing translation must be redefined in the parent class, whereas methods with no parameters and properties can be just copied outside of the class definition using the assignment operator.

Example consuming code:

from sense_hat_en import *
sense = SenseHat_en()
sense.en_show_message("Pi!", en_text_colour=(255, 0, 0))

Rules to follow for translation:

  • The class names ending with _en can be translated, all instances of the name must be changed
  • Any method or parameter names starting with en_ can be translated, all instances of the name must be changed
  • The global variables starting with EN_ can be translated
  • Anything not starting with en_ or EN_ should be left alone
  • Do lots of testing to make sure you haven't broken anything, take the code examples from here and ensure the translated version of each example works correctly


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davidhoness commented Aug 22, 2017

An example of a French translation can be found here.


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