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Ebay 96 case 1: 1990s/2000s Rock/Metal Collection
The Mars Volta\De-Loused in the Comatorium
Cave In\Jupiter
Jimmy Eat World\Bleed American
Spawn\The Album
Stone Temple Pilots\Shangri La Dee Da
Queens of the stone age\Songs for the Deaf
Hoobastank\Target EP
Daughtry\Self Titled
Live\Throwing Copper
Jimmy Eat World\Futures
Nirvana\From the muddy banks of the wishkah
Audiovent\Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris
Alice in Chains\Alice in Chains Side 1
System of a Down\Hypnotize
Red Hot Chili Peppers\Blood, Sugar, Sex Magic
Ra\From One
Marylin Mansion\Antichrist Superstar
Foo Fighters\Colour and the Shape
Smile Empty Soul\Smile Empty Soul
Juliana Theory\Deadbeat Sweetheart
RX Bandits\Progress
Korn\Follow The Leader
Darwin's Waiting Room\Orphan
Hole\Live Through This
Deftones\Around the Fur
Filter\Short Bus
Pearl Jam\Merkin Ball [Single]
A Perfect Circle\Mer de Noms
Korn\Life Is Peachy
Powerman 5000\Tonight the Stars Revolt
Depswa\Two Angels And A Dream
Alien Ant Farm\ANThology
Hoobastank\Every Man For Himself
Lost Prophets\Start Something
Evanescence\The Open Door
Vent\Papa's Dojo
Temple Of The Dog\Temple Of The Dog
New Found Glory\Sticks and Stones
Stone Sour\Stone Sour
Bush\Sixteen Stone
Boy Hits Car\Boy Hits Car
Three Days Grace\Three Days Grace
Deftones\White Pony
A Perfect Circle\Thirteenth Step
Queens of the Stone Age\Queens Of The Stone Age
Mudvayne\The Begining All Things To End
hed(pe)\Planet Earth
A Perfect Circle\eMOTIVe
Spineshank\The Height Of Callousness
Creed\My Own Prison
Evanescence\Fallen (2003)
30 Seconds to Mars\30 Seconds to Mars
Lacuna Coil\Karmacode
Rage Against the Machine\Renegades
Rage Against the Machine\Evil Empire
Rage Against the Machine\Battle of Los Angeles
Rage Against the Machine\Rage Against the Machine (2 copies)
Thrice\The Artist In The Ambulance
Velvet Revolver\Contraband
Finch\What It Is To Burn
System Of A Down\Toxicity
Fuel\Natural Selection
Papa Roach\Getting Away With Murder
POD\Fundamental Elements of Southtown
Mudvayne\The End of All Things to Come
Chevelle\This Type Of Thinking Could Do Us In
Green Day\American Idiot
Alkaline Trio\Crimson
Aerosmith\Get a Grip
Aerosmith\Greatest Hits Disc 1
Aerosmith\Greatest Hits Disc 2
Hoobastank\The Reason
Coal Chamber\Coal Chamber
Ebay 96 case 2: Random Genres
Greenwheel\Soma Holiday
Lifehouse\Stanley Climbfall (with Bonus Tracks)
Aerosmith\Nine Lives
Smashing Pumpkins\Mellon Collie and the Infinite Disc 1
Smashing Pumpkins\Mellon Collie and the Infinite Disc 2
No Doubt\Tragic Kingdom
Sponge\Wax Exstatic
Seger\Greatest Hits
Hey Mercedes\Every Night Fireworks
The Black Crowes\Amorica
Collective Soul\Hints, Allegations, and Things
Switchfoot\the beautiful letdown
RX Bandits\The Resignation
RX Bandits\Progress
Beatles\Beatles - 1967 - 1970 (disc 1)
Something Corporate\North
South\From Here On In
Something Corporate\Audioboxer EP
Dashboard Confessional\Swiss Army Romance
Appleseed Cast\Low Level Owl Vol. 1
Appleseed Cast\Low Level Owl Vol. 2
Marcy Playground\Marcy Playground
Goo Goo Dolls\Boy Named Goo
Collective Soul\Hints, Allegations, and Things
Dave Mathews Band\Crash
Miles Davis\The Best of the capitol/Blue Note Years
Peatbog Faeries\Mellowosity
The White Stripes\White Blood Cells
Something Corporate\Leaving Through The Window
Jewel\Pieces Of You
Kitchens & Bathrooms\Utter a Sound
Bob Marley\Legend
Everlast\Whitey Ford Sings the Blues
Hey Mercedes\Loses Control
The Doors\The Best Of The Doors (disc 2)
House of Pain\Fine Malt Lyrics
Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack
The Prisoners\Light it up
Jason Mraz\Waiting for My Rocket to Come
Peatbog Faeries\Mellowosity
Downset\Check Your People
Glimr\South Dakota Logic Mechanism
Peatbog Faeries\Faerie Stories
Lynard Skynard\Skynyrd's Innyrds Their Greatest Hits
Rearview Mirror\All Lights Off
Pink Floyd\Pulse (CD 1)
Pink Floyd\Pulse (CD 2)
Various\Loud Rocks
Appleseed Cast\Two Conversations
Boston\Greatest Hits
Judgement Night Soundtrack
Tracy Chapman\Tracy Chapman
Blue Man Group\The Complex
Maroon 5\Songs About Jane
AC/DC\High Voltage
Oysterhead\The Grand Pecking Order
John Coltrane\Blue Note
Cherry Poppin' Daddies\Zoot Suit Riot
Creedence Clearwater Revival\Chronicle
Compilations\Now That's What I Call Music! 8
Beastie Boys\Licensed To Ill
Blue Man Group\Audio
Ted Nugent\Ted Nugent
Moody Blues\The Best Of The Moody Blues
Switchfoot\New Way to Be Human
Switchfoot\Legend of chin
N.E.R.D_\In Search Of.._
Nelly Furtado\Loose
Carlos Flores\Sol Naciente
Original CD cases: Incubus Collection
Incubus\If Not Now, When?
Incubus\Trustfall EP
Incubus\Make Yourself
Incubus\Enjoy Incubus
Incubus\Fungus Amongus
Incubus\Morning View
Incubus\When Incubus Attacks
Incubus\Light Grenades
Incubus\Stelar Accoustic
Incubus\Drive (Single)
Compilation\Family Values Tour 98'
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