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Description of memorycrawler podcast Podcast Episode 1: Our First Podcast!
Alan Jackson song was removed so we dont have any copyright issues (Search for a song called www.memory). TheMemoryCrawler is nervous about first podcast and tries to give a site overview. Calling grandpataylor (memory about catching fish). Shithouse memory from grandpataylor. Facebook integration with memorycrawler. Toe Jam and Earl relation to memorycrawler rankings. Post a memory of being a home wrecker. Calling brother dan10878 (sorry about the low audio). Beth Stalker plug. All you need is a little TCF bank! Susan loves my pathetic things I have done. Bank nightmares/learning experiences. Release of the wii. Name that videogame tune. Podcast Episode 2: Thanksgiving Special
Memorycrawler Thanksgiving special. Interview with Aunt Becca. Knock down of her Ex-Husband and popping babies out. Baby stories of when Becca was born. Dan, Dave and Noel talk about Pickled Pigs Feet. Uncle Kirt talks about Marthon experience. Barb Taylor talks about Christmas memories and Barbies. My Dad throws a hotdog. Drunken McCallens rants. Uncle Pat says a few words about high school. Calling Kevin Stalker. Scarface lines. Lighting toys on fire. Noel addicted to MemoryCrawler. Suggestion to do a podcast on the streets of Detroit. Podcast Episode 3: Travels and Adventures
Travel stories is the theme for tonight. TheMemoryCrawler gets his pre-podcast jitters out. Memorycrawler has made 10 dollars in advertising (I am now only at a 250 dollar loss now for setting up the site). The first snow fall of the year travel nightmares. New memorycrawler podcast page. Explanation of RSS feeds. Internationalization of the site using behind the scenes function (does anyone want to translate?). Calling our cousin ben. Will he write a memorycrawler jingle??? Dave gives random XMas gift to Christmas Boy. Madlibs session. Calling Kevin Stalker. Rick Mahorn story, read verbatum of family reunion memory. Kevin tells amazing story about california alien entounter. You know what a GD is????!?!?!? Memorycrawler world maps. South America hunny moon. Are you jealous? NotAnotherTechPodcast's intro becomes our outro. Podcast Episode 4: Memorable Musical Moments
New Intro (Still Needs work) with Beth Stalker's "Mother Dear". Tonights podcast theme is memories involving music. plug. MemoryCrawler recently went down to see Pillar of Autumn who I learned about through Stack calls in randomly. Our first Name that videogame tune. Music stories about Noels wedding. Story of "Stack", "TheMemoryCrawler" and "THE OLD FART" rapping. The first CD player not being able to hold as much data? Attempt to do a three way call. Becca jamming music in her car! Becca at Brents house. New feature on the site. Stack answers Wrath's question ab out why he left the girls. Noel has bad breath (goes to get mint). Kevin sees midget boobs at concert. Dave runs track and plays in a concert. Drew is at Chip and Dales in Vegas. Old school memorycrawler laminated book. The amazing turd! The golf cart removal and garbage can raising at band camp. The scaffold lover. MemoryCrawler Locations explainations. AutoReverse tune! Podcast Podcast 5: Xmas at Patsys
Ben and his batman adventures. Brat Patrol plays westside slang game. Flippin a bitch. Aunt Becca worried about prospective employers hearing about her ex husband and her memory about her car accident. Dan farts into mic. The GD's again. Dying by a GD is a good death. Back to Westside slang game (The Bi-Annual Checkup). TheMemoryCrawler asks Noel and Kev to be in his wedding. Noels memory of TheMemoryCrawler and newsie682 coming to his birthday party. lellel falls through the ice and lives! We call up Sweetmom 100 out in Idaho. The fort stories in Clarkston. Goodbyes with Noels weird noise. Podcast Podcast 6: A Flavor of Love
New Intro that Dave Created. We call up my Fiance Susan. Our pre-Anniversary celebration. 1 Year to Go. Drunkeness. American Idol story about Beth going down to tryout. Beth kisses 3 dozen men. First kiss stories. Noels firm kisses. Dave goes in for a kiss on Noel. Some site updates. We call Kevin Stalker. The Punky Brewster story is finally told. Kevins girlfriend barfs on him. Kev gets a mac. Ultimate celebrity sighting by Kev. Daves 5th grade kiss. Another unsuccessfull attempt at a 3 way call. Michelle tells story about her boyfriend calling her a bitch. Also tells story about the stolen sweater. Dave asks about the dating game memory. We talk about Michelle being the creator of "MemoryCrawler Memory Recollections." Possible button on the recollections button, that the version of the story is the same as the original. Tea Leaves Outtro. Podcast Episode 7: Charitable Memories
What is new with the site. Noel says the site is slow. MemoryCrawler in 10 different languages. New memory timeline. Noel explains buying subway to a very funny bum. Crazy guy yelling at me the other day at the gas station. We call up Matt Wild. Matt isnt a very good caller. godaddy flagged it as a great domain name. Netherlands bum experience interruption. Noel Swaps the cell phone to his so we could talk to Beth at her bachelorette party. Beth is lost. We talk to the Bride to Be. Back to the bum story in Amsterdam. All these new members and no one is posting. We call up Dan. Dan working on his house. Noel talks about all his problems with his house. How to kill a mole. Kevin calls and we have a 4 way call with the original Brat patrol members. The smoking brake story in Malibu. Kevin "gives" memorycrawler business cards to Pauly Shore. 40s at Five memory and how a drunk guy crashed a wedding. All four of us on the memorycrawler podcast on iTunes. Podcast Episode 8: Garage Sales Galore! (Portable)
Sorry about the cracking, not sure what the problem with the audio was. We get started on our walk throughout the neighborhood garage sale. We first walk with Beth to our neighbors house and interview the nice family. Dave runs back to get more business cards. We talk to some kids selling cookies and candy. Dave tells them they are living the dream. Noels dumpster diving cupcake experience. We talk to a guy selling a pool. We weird some people out and scare people. Chalk line outs. We run after a person who bought Dave's broken trumpet to interview them. Mom says that people saw us and tried to stay away. Overall it was a decent first portable podcast. Podcast Episode 9: A Totally Random Show
First talk about our one certified listener. Noel reads Georgia's memory in an Australian accent. Dave talks about color updates. Homecoming and prom dance stories from Beth. Noel and Beth wearing top hats memories. DVD footage of Noel and Dave Karaoking "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. Dental horror stories. We call our number two Julie Blood. We call Jim Rawlings. We play some little liz and then Kevin calls in. Celebrity update from Kevin and some noises from Chloe. Audacity errors out on us and we lose some of the podcast and quality levels because of it. Simpsons movie review from Stack. Ralphie is living longer through Kevin and Kristen's love. Noel talks of his infinitely long scanning project. Beth tells a cruel story about pooping pants. Podcast Episode 10: Interview
Drew calls us up before the podcast and we start with him. Three way call with my brother. We call up Kristen Kuhns at and interview her about her non-profit organization which is a totally great application with very similar and complimentary functionality like Kristen talks about the forever promise with She discusses storyofmylife features. Anticipation of baby boomer's writing stories. Dave gets upgraded to Chief Mr. Happy Pants. Dave explains the new features of the site. We try to come up with a good outtro.
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