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davidrenne / gist:7468636
Created Nov 14, 2013
VMWARE Port forwarding instructions
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Testing with Internet Explorer / NAT Port Forwarding
It is possible to connect to the rails server inside the linux virtual machine from the host computer.
This allows testing the development site with Internet Explorer.
Note: This assumes the CentOS vm is running in NAT networking mode.
1) Find out what ip address the vm is using. Open a terminal in the vm and run /sbin/ifconfig
For this example the eth0 inet addr is
2) Open System > Administration > Security Level and Firewall. (Enter the root password if necessary.)
3) On the "Firewall Options" tab, open the "Other ports" section and add ports 3000 and 8080.
4) Click ok and confirm the changes.
2) On the windows host, open C:\ProgramData\VMware\vmnetnat.conf with a text editor.
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7th Saga, The (USA)
ActRaiser (USA)
Aladdin (USA)
Alien 3 (USA)
Arkanoid - Doh it Again (USA)
Axelay (USA)
davidrenne / gist:af714f8b683a478931edfd8381adb598
Created Dec 21, 2018
Paste into console to scroll forever and be able to stop it later. Perfect for screen scraping and just printing a pdf of most sites who forever load.
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var scrollInt = 0;
function ScrollForever() {
scrollInt = window.setInterval(function() {window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight);}, 1000);
function StopScrolling() {
davidrenne / gist:c903998b98b7920d529f9c9f169e2f3b
Created May 24, 2022
Calculate moment-timezone GMT time regardless of users local timezone offset.
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import moment from 'moment-timezone';
moment().tz("America/Detroit", true).utcOffset(0, false).format();
davidrenne / gist:638d10102fc75ac62334dc85301be836
Created Jan 18, 2019
ALT + ` (Switch between same application windows)
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!`:: ; Next window
WinGetClass, ActiveClass, A
WinGet, WinClassCount, Count, ahk_class %ActiveClass%
IF WinClassCount = 1
WinGet, List, List, % "ahk_class " ActiveClass
Loop, % List
index := List - A_Index + 1
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git config --global ""
git config --global "David Renne"
git config --global core.editor "vim"
git config --global core.fileMode false
git config --global push.default current
git config --global alias.up 'pull --rebase --autostash'
git config --global alias.cp 'cherry-pick'
git config --global alias.s 'status'
git config --global 'checkout'
git config --global alias.c 'commit -a'
davidrenne / gist:28e123e27417f3326aee18363f69bc77
Created Jun 6, 2018
This is an example abstraction for TextField MUI slowness to convert your onChange callers to set parent state onBlur instead and keep state local to render the individual textbox component
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import MUIField from 'material-ui/TextField';
import React, {Component} from 'react';
class TextField extends Component {
constructor(props, context) {
super(props, context);
this.state = {
value: props.value || props.defaultValue
davidrenne / gist:8a090f68d62192e2aed8a57a6da38130
Created Jan 7, 2018
All stories exported
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file. User Bjorn_Freeh Memories
=========================MEMORY INFO=====================================
|Memory Name:Answering Interview:Batman for TV, 1966<br/><br/>Do you remember when Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) climbed the charts in prime-time TV?
|Place:Marysville, Michigan
davidrenne / gist:b5fe3cd6ba5ecb05f3fe5f78ed43ae82
Created Jan 7, 2018
Description of memorycrawler podcast
View gist:b5fe3cd6ba5ecb05f3fe5f78ed43ae82 Podcast Episode 1: Our First Podcast!
Alan Jackson song was removed so we dont have any copyright issues (Search for a song called www.memory). TheMemoryCrawler is nervous about first podcast and tries to give a site overview. Calling grandpataylor (memory about catching fish). Shithouse memory from grandpataylor. Facebook integration with memorycrawler. Toe Jam and Earl relation to memorycrawler rankings. Post a memory of being a home wrecker. Calling brother dan10878 (sorry about the low audio). Beth Stalker plug. All you need is a little TCF bank! Susan loves my pathetic things I have done. Bank nightmares/learning experiences. Release of the wii. Name that videogame tune. Podcast Episode 2: Thanksgiving Special
Memorycrawler Thanksgiving special. Interview with Aunt Becca. Knock down of her Ex-Husband and popping babies out. Baby stories of when Becca was born. Dan, Dave and Noel talk about Pickled Pigs Feet. Uncle Kirt talks about Marthon experience. Barb Taylor tal
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set -e
rm -rf $appName/
mkdir -p $appName/build$camelUpper
mkdir -p $appName/modelBuild$camelUpper
cd $appName/