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Davin Chia davinchia

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# Working w/ Gradle: A Practical Guide
## Maven Status
- not incremental in practice
- no remote caching
- snapshot handling/updating
- installing
- slow, why it's slow
- plugin dependency hell
- fairly simple/standard
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# Staging
These are recommendations. The team is free to do what they deem best.
Overarching principle:
* *Staging is where you validate the known-unknowns of your systems*
* Known-unknowns:
* interactions between various systems and edge cases
* possible to write unit tests, but difficult, especially when UIs are involved
* Unknown-unknowns:
* e.g. traffic patterns, traffic loads etc.
davinchia /
Created Dec 7, 2018
Google Hashing Transformation flow.
// Testing main method.
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
String firstID = "491d69e08dbdaeacbed17194761f97b1b9c9a3928e7c3b1b0add760a37a45b4d";
String salt = "DPK54AN4HZE4N9G0D4RC2EOH8A58H1Z6";
String answer = "71e10f9d4ab22a8c0a31ec27c8913a13a12a5ebb6500baaaea9a9bd694447cc1";
// Only do second transformation
// 1. Hex decode |firstID|.
// 3. Prefix |salt| to |base|.