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Dave Carroll dcarroll

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dcarroll / twilioconfig.ts
Created Apr 9, 2019
Twilio config file template
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import { ConfigFile } from "@salesforce/core";
export default class TwilioConfig extends ConfigFile<ConfigFile.Options> {
public static getFileName(): string {
return 'twilioconfig.json';
dcarroll / config.ts
Created Apr 9, 2019
Twilio Config for Plugin
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import { flags, SfdxCommand } from '@salesforce/command';
import { Messages, SfdxError } from '@salesforce/core';
import { AnyJson } from '@salesforce/ts-types';
import { Twilio } from 'twilio';
import TwilioConfig from '../../../lib/twilioconfig';
// Initialize Messages with the current plugin directory
// Load the specific messages for this file. Messages from @salesforce/command, @salesforce/core,
dcarroll /
Created Jan 8, 2019
Script to migrate Eclipse/Metadata format project to SFDX Source format project.
if [ $# -eq 0 ]
echo "No arguments supplied, please supply the project directory, the source directory within the project directory and optionally 'yes' to preserve the original metadata."
exit 1
if [ -z "$2" ]
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Profile xmlns="">
dcarroll /
Created Nov 16, 2017
Uninstall script for Salesforce CLI installed via the Mac OSx installer DMG.
# NOTE: As with any script you download on the internet,
# please make sure you understand what each command is
# going to do before running it.
rm -rf /usr/local/sfdx
rm -rf /usr/local/lib/sfdx
rm -rf /usr/local/bin/sfdx
rm -rf ~/.local/share/sfdx ~/.config/sfdx ~/.cache/sfdx
dcarroll / .bash_profile
Last active Dec 22, 2019
This is the bash profile that I use. You will see some things commented out and some experiments. Feel free to remove those, build on them, whatever you want to do. Make sure you look as the path exporting section as you system may have different paths.
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# dx customizations
alias status='(sfdx force:org:list &
sfdx force:alias:list &
sfdx force:config:list; wait)'
alias orglist='sfdx force:org:list'
alias orglistc='sfdx force:org:list --clean -p'
alias push='sfdx force:source:push'
alias pull='sfdx force:source:pull'
dcarroll /
Last active Apr 5, 2019
Handy script that executes the DX Demo scripts steps one at a time. Just keep hitting return. You can cancel the script by enter `q` then `return`. The scripts assumes that you have authenticated to a hub org already. Everything about this script happens relative to where you are running it from.
txtred='\e[0;31m' # Red
bldgrn='\e[1;32m' # Green
txtrst='\e[0m' # Text Reset
#trap "exit 1" TERM
#export TOP_PID=$$
prompt() {
dcarroll /
Created Aug 3, 2017
Commands to reset SFDX Demo
sfdx force:org:delete -u Demo -p
rm -rf Demo
dcarroll /
Created Aug 3, 2017
Commands to demo SFDX
function prompt {
echo ""
echo $1
prompt "Create project workspace..."
sfdx force:project:create -n Demo
cd Demo