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Created Apr 9, 2019
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Twilio Config for Plugin
import { flags, SfdxCommand } from '@salesforce/command';
import { Messages, SfdxError } from '@salesforce/core';
import { AnyJson } from '@salesforce/ts-types';
import { Twilio } from 'twilio';
import TwilioConfig from '../../../lib/twilioconfig';
// Initialize Messages with the current plugin directory
// Load the specific messages for this file. Messages from @salesforce/command, @salesforce/core,
// or any library that is using the messages framework can also be loaded this way.
const messages = Messages.loadMessages('alerter', 'twilioconfig');
export default class Configure extends SfdxCommand {
public static description = messages.getMessage('commandDescription');
public static examples = [
`$ sfdx alerter:config --authtoken feae4a --accountsid 80b18 --verificationphonenumber 1232314321
Message successfully sent, configuration confirmed
Message Id: SM170bf514384c4428bd293198b5558017
public static args = [];
protected static flagsConfig = {
// flag with a value (-n, --name=VALUE)
authtoken: flags.string({char: 't', required: true, description: messages.getMessage('authtokenFlagDescription')}),
accountsid: flags.string({char: 'a', required: true, description: messages.getMessage('accountsidFlagDescription')}),
verificationphonenumber: flags.string({ char: 'v', required: true, description: messages.getMessage('verificationphonenumberFlagDescription')}),
twilionumber: flags.string({ char: 'n', required: true, description: messages.getMessage('twilionmberFlagDescription')})
// Comment this out if your command does not require an org username
protected static requiresUsername = false;
// Comment this out if your command does not support a hub org username
protected static supportsDevhubUsername = false;
// Set this to true if your command requires a project workspace; 'requiresProject' is false by default
protected static requiresProject = false;
protected results;
public async run(): Promise<AnyJson> {
// Test the twilio setup
const client = new Twilio(this.flags.accountsid, this.flags.authtoken);
await client.messages.create({
body: 'Hello from Oclif',
to: this.flags.verificationphonenumber, // Text this number
from: this.flags.twilionumber // From a valid Twilio number
}).then(async (message) => {
this.ux.log('Message successfully sent, configuration confirmed - Message Id: ' + message.sid);
const twilioconfig = await TwilioConfig.create({ isGlobal: true });
twilioconfig.set('authtoken', this.flags.authtoken);
twilioconfig.set('accountsid', this.flags.accountsid);
twilioconfig.set('twilionumber', this.flags.twilionumber);
this.results = { message: 'Message successfully sent, configuration confirmed', messageSid: message.sid };
}).catch((reason) => {
const e = new SfdxError(reason.message, 'authentication error', ['Check your token and secret and twilio number.']);
this.results = e;
throw e;
return this.results;
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