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How I Configure My Kinesis
Enter Mac mode:
Hold =, press m.
The top four thumb keys while in Mac mode, from left to right are: Command | Option | Ctrl | Command
Enable Media keys:
Hold =, press n. If you have applied the remappings below, note that it is the *remapped* = (i.e. tab).
Disable key clicks:
Hold Progrm, press -/_ (disable beeps).
Hold Progrm, press |/\ (disable clicks).
Key Remappings:
Key names are the painted on key names, the LHS is the key to remap and the RHS is the target.
Hold Progrm, press Remap/F12. Then press LHS, then RHS.
Tab -> Caps Lock
+/= -> Tab
Left Ctrl -> Left End
Right Command/Win -> Right Control
`~ -> +/=
Right Command/Win -> Left Ctrl
Right Page Up -> Right Command/Win
Right Page Down -> Right Page Up
I think I remapped something to the Page Down, maybe right shift? But now I can't remember....
Bill Clementson's post which I think is what got me on to a Kinesis keyboard in the first place:
How to reset:
Soft reset
Press Progrm + Shift + F10. Note you must first press and Hold PROGRAM, then SHIFT and as you’re holding those two keys down tap F10. You will know this was successful when the lights on your keyboard flash for several seconds after releasing the keys. (NOTE: For older PS/2 model keyboards, use the Ctrl key instead of Shift).
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